Fearless Gunslinger Wanted in Van Der Wilde & the Outlaws Slot

Outlaws are shivering in their boots, knowing that a gunslinger like yourself will be rocking a sheriff’s badge and the keys to the kingdom. The opportunity to lock up a nasty bunch of thieves and pocket a €264,810 max win, makes pulling the trigger on the Van Der Wilde & The Outlaws slot the easiest decision you’ll ever make.

Dive into the role of the deputized lawmaker while taking aim at money-making features like expanding wins and free spin, where the super spins are waiting to join your posse.

Let the bullets fly and the mighty wins fall as you attempt to calm the Wild West once and for all!

Leader of the Pack

You can hear the wood creak as another gust of wind rolls across the dusty street of the old town, while 5 reels and 10 paylines are standing by. Being one of the most feared gang west of the Mississippi River, Mad Dog, Buffalo Butch and Bonney Cassidy are in town to make money, not friends.

The leader of the pack is the ruthless, scar-faced Van der Wilde himself, which is why his symbol has the highest value.


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A €264,810 max win goes a long way and together with a €30 bet limit and 8,827x, cowboys are coming out of the woodworks to get a piece. iSoftBet just released this beast of a slot and a 96.00% RTP and high volatility is a part of a thrilling package.

Expanding Wins

In order to trigger the Expanding Wins feature, you need to get a win that includes an outlaw scatter wild. Your initial win will then be paid out first but when that’s done, the “normal” symbols will expand fully and can lead to another win and even more money. Nice!

How to Get Free Spins

Landing 3 scatters will get you a ticket to the free spin show, where 8 spins will be all yours. Before you can put them to the test, you’ll have to take a swing at the Bonus Wheel. This is to find out what super symbol that will be used during your spins and all the outlaws are in the mix.

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Should that super symbol be a part of a win, it will expand and fill the entire reel. There is another possible outcome which we will discuss below. Don’t forget, landing another 3 scatters will get you another 8 free spins.

Learn to Master Super Spins

If you can stay away from the outlaws on the Bonus Wheel, you will be able to get Super Spins. This means you will play 5 free spins on 4 sets of reels. Each set has its own Super Symbol so winning should be even easier for someone with your skillset. Sounds good, right?

You’ll be happy to know that these guys are also retriggerable, so do your best and the rewards will come!

As Wild as Expected

The Van Der Wilde & The Outlaws slot is as wild as expected. We understand why outlaws are joining forces to get their hands on the money but we have no doubt you can beat them all.

Make sure you have enough ammo to stand tall against the attack and you can have saddle bags full of cash as you right off into the sunset.