The Potions and Prizes in Jekyllz Wild Ultranudge Slot Are Power!

I’ve personally never read The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I reckon it’s because I hate reading. How I got a degree in English Literature still baffles me.

But that doesn’t mean I was born under a rock. I know exactly who Jekyll and Hyde are – thanks to some kickass lyrics from a G-Eazy song.

It would really suck to have split personalities, especially if the other half of you is a murderer. The whole of you would have to do the time.

Be grateful for your sanity. Schizophrenia is a real thing. Just watch The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan. Jekyll got off easy.

Anyhow, we’ve got Jekyllz Wild Ultranudge slot to review – so let’s get to getting.

Mr. Hyde is the evil one by the way

To quote my favorite rapper, Gerald Gillum, “It’s like a monster just came out of him”, pretty much sums up everything there is to know about Dr. Jekyll.

He’s a kind dude with an evil alter-ego who you probably never want to meet, except in this slot.

In terms of modern interpretation, I think Yggdrasil is dead on. They didn’t change his face. Why would they, they’re the same person. Personalities change, not looks. Unless you’re Kylie Jenner.

Shapeshifting just isn’t a thing. But winning up to €220,440 in this slot is


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Step aside for the breakout feature

It’s all in the name. Ultranudge. The Ultranudge Mechanic is the star of this freak show and Yggdrasil’s newest signature feature, aka, your winning formula.

Here’s how it works. Every win you get that includes either a Jekyll Wild symbol or a Hyde Wild symbol will trigger the Ultranudge in both the main and bonus game of Jekyllz Wild Ultranudge slot.

The Wild symbols respin, and as they do, they nudge down a position giving you several opportunities to catch cool cash. And this will continue for as long as you see a Wild on the reels. Pretty cool, right?


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Prepare for strange potions and prizes

What’s also unique about this high volatility slot is the Mr Hyde & Potion Cash feature. If you’re wondering why weird green test tubes have cash values on them, then wonder no more.

The only ‘person’ who can collect the cash for you, is Mr Hyde. And he could appear randomly on the reels – provided Dr Jekyll feels like turning. Mr Hyde has multipliers added to him, and those will be added to the potion prizes you’ll earn. Me likey.

Oh, and this will trigger the Ultranudge Mechanic too.


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The free spins are wicked

You can score yourself 12 free spins in Mr Hyde’s Free Spins feature by either landing Bonus Symbols or by using the Buy Bonus option represented by a shopping cart.

All wins here trigger the Ultranudge, and on every respin, Mr Hyde’s multiplier increases by 1x and does not reset.

This bonus will pretty much be the Ultranudge Mechanic in action all the way through. But if you want more from this 96% RTP slot, you can choose Mr Hyde’s Gamble.

Here, you’ll either be grateful for what you’ve got, which is 12 free spins with a x1 multiplier to start, or risk it for a reward of 12 free spins with a 10x starting multiplier. The choice is yours.


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Dr Jekyll’s lab awaits!

In case you’ve never read the book either, then it’s best for me to let you know now that Dr Jekyll did this to himself. Yeah, he concocted a potion to help draw Mr Hyde out. Bizarre.

What we want to draw out are big wins – and that’s totally possible in Jekyllz Wild Ultranudge slot. All you have to do is give it a spin!