A Book Is Your Ticket to Big Wins in Wild Tome of the Woods Slot!

Old books filled with secret spells passed down through generations are really exciting, especially if they are found under a layer of dust in the attic or whichever of the many ways it has been portrayed to happen in movies. Unfortunately, we have never been lucky enough to have experienced this personally, yet we may add. Call it a childhood fantasy, but when a game like the Wild Tome of the Woods slot comes along we want to grab it and pretend the book was something we found, hidden away.

We are not sure what the forest animals are doing with a book like this but fingers crossed they are not studying up on how to take over the world, or perhaps we should say take “back” the world. Either way, this specific book can really do wonders for you in terms of big wins so get yourself ready for a great read!

A Gathering of Animal Intelligence

Deep in the woods is where your playing field is set up and this is where the animals seem to have their meetings. It’s an area of 6 reels and 26 paylines and there have been sightings of this secret book. The wise owl has been the symbol of intelligence from The Iliad to Winnie the Pooh and the fox is not known to be a dumb dumb either.

Both of them will be found on the reels and Quickspin added the gecko to complete the trio. Among them, they seem to study the heavy Tome and create magic potions to fill the rest of the positions.


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The Tome Is a Wild Read

If you are not a reader you may want to reconsider as it is the Tome itself that is your ticket to the big wins because in this game, things are happening when you land one of them. The book will open and the pages will turn before randomly landing on a page showing the chosen symbol. All of the matching symbols will be turned into wilds and can help you get a nice payout!

The final symbol to be transformed may give you another book, meaning you will get additional wilds. If you manage to fill all the reels with wilds you will trigger the All Wilds Win and when this happens you better have room in your pockets as a 1000x your stake payout is coming!

This Slot Is Pure Excitement

We love this slot and the excitement that comes with the magical Tome. It’s a wild read and when the reels start filling up with wilds you know good things are coming!

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