Rolling in the Dough: Money Farm Megaways Slot Delivers Rare Wins!

GameArt’s popular Money Farm slot – but the Megaways version – returned to the reels at the end of March 2023, and it’s been a big-win blur at BitStarz ever since.

The provider launched this charming and feature-rich game with a maximum multiplier of 100,000x (I know, right!). This is about as big as it gets, guys.

With a massive multiplier, it’s not surprising that the train to BitStarz’s big-win station made many stops over at Money Farm Megaways slot during the last six weeks.

Let’s check these many wins out and see if this game should be bumped to the top of your play-list 🙂

A Megaways mechanic and a 100,000x multiplier

GameArt has just changed the game with a multiplier of this magnitude. To put things into perspective, the average slot comes with an average multiplier of around 2,000x to 5,000x, with multipliers of, let’s say, 10,000x, being on the high side.

Multipliers of over 25,000x are the outliers, you’ll find them in slots from NoLimit City, for example… And then you get GameArt’s multipliers – or what I call, the jaw-droppers.

Money Farm Megaways slot is basically a winning recipe; low max bet, high multiplier, 117,649 ways to win, plenty of features that actually pay out, and a Buy Bonus mechanic to help rake in those rewards faster.


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Big wins vs. rare wins

So, I should make a distinction here between what a big win is, and what a rare win is. A big win is when a player strikes it rich on a game, pretty much – usually because they’re betting big too.

A rare win is when a player lands a huge multiplier that takes their game from zero to hero in the matter of a single spin.

In the case of Money Farm Megaways slot, due to the sheer size of the multipliers awarded these become one and the same.


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The Money Farm Megaways wins we’ve had

Here’s what’s been happening since late March:

Player 207*** bet only $0.40, and got a 57,717x multiplier, winning them $23,087.
Player Hen*** got a 9,070x multiplier, making them $14,967 richer.
Player Rya*** went from $9.27 to $7,706 thanks to the 13,728x multiplier they got.
Player And*** got 36,658x, winning them $14,663 from a $0.40 bet.
Player Ade*** went from a $217.10 balance, to $94,142 thanks to a 47,071x multiplier win.
Player Dud*** bet $1.20 and won $36,743 because they landed a 30,619x multiplier.
Player Sam*** got a 15,897x multiplier and went from $89.69 to $14,346.

The maximum bet in this very high volatility slot is super low. As you can see, the highest bet here is around $1.20. And yet players are winning significant amounts of money off of that.
I don’t need any more convincing to stop everything I’m doing to go and play this game, do you?


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You can have a farm frenzy with massive multipliers!

Money Farm Megaways slot is hot, hot, hot!

The game features a Free Spins bonus that has an unlimited increasing multiplier (no surprise here), a Mystery Reveal feature, a Gamble Game, a Wild Win Mill modifier, Expanding Wilds and of course, the popular and powerful Megaways mechanic.

Honestly, it may as well be called “Multiplier Megaways”. It’s more fitting.

So, now that you’ve been shown around the proverbial farm, are you ready to try your luck with a game that has a Return to Player of 96.27% and a proven track record of wins?

I think I know that answer 😉