Do You Dare to Join Shadow Society Slot?

There’s something incredibly alluring about secret societies. It might be the chance to be a part of something that few know about, or maybe it’s all the perks these clubs seem to come with. Whatever it is, the world has been gripped by the likes of the Illuminati, The Knights Templar, and The Freemasons for hundreds of years. This all makes it a great theme for a slot.

Explore the mysteries and perks of secret societies in Shadow Society from Red Tiger Gaming.

Welcome to the Shadow Society slot

Now that you’ve licked a donkey’s cheek and stolen a fork from a hotel, you’ve finally made it into the Shadow Society slot and can enjoy all the exciting bonus features.


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A round of free spins is triggered with the appearance of three or more globe free spins symbols. Once activated, a global multiplier is increased by 1x with each win giving you a shot at some impressive multiplied wins.

Each pyramid symbol you collect will advance you one place on the Shadow Society progress bar. Every five pyramids you collect will unlock one of the eight levels. These levels will alternate between unlocking new high-paying symbols and additional reels of the slot. The more you unlock, the bigger the potential wins will get.


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And that’s really it. There’s not a lot to Shadow Society slot in terms of its bonus features. It’s almost like it wasn’t even worth the initiation process.

Is Shadow Society slot our best-kept secret?

Shadow Society slot definitely delivers on the graphics. The illustrations and animations are beautiful and really make it feel like it’s something special that you probably shouldn’t know about. The bonus features really add to the idea of gaining access to something that few others know about which makes the slot significantly more enjoyable. The number of bonus features is a little on the thin side but the quality of those that are there more than makes up for that.

The slot has medium volatility giving it a nice balance between consistent wins and big wins. However, with a 95.76% RTP and a 1,958x max multiplier, those wins aren’t going to be huge. All in all, though, this one is definitely worth a few spins.

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