The re-spins in Space Wars slot are out of this world

There is a war going on in outer space between alien species for the possessions of the all-powerful red crystal. As much as we’d love to see the wookie warrior Chewbacca r-r-r-r-r-ring on these reels and Yoda throwing Jedi mind tricks for amazing wins… we must break it to you, this is not a play on Star Wars.

Instead, Space Wars slot is an intergalactic quest where the aliens are flipping funny, chubby looking creatures. They could use a pinch on the cheek. But don’t judge them by their adorable exterior, they have serious technological advancements going on. Let’s head to the stars and see who’s winning this war.

Aliens are at war on the reels

This NetEnt slot game has fun written all over it. These aliens are not to be feared, unless of course you find Bob the Minion scary.

On the reels we have 10 different alien species as well as the powerful red-crystal. The highest paying symbols to keep an eye out for are the red crystal, the octopus-alien, and the fly-alien.

Space Wars slot unfortunately does not have any Scatter or Bonus symbols, but the Wilds are a pretty big deal – but can only appear on reels 2 and 4.


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Re-spins that are out of this world

Cue the cloning pod! The main feature in Space Wars slot is its Re-spins feature. For every win, the winning symbol will be thrown into the aliens’ cloning pod. The cloned symbols will then be added and stacked on the reels for the re-spin round to ramp up the winning potential.

The Re-spins feature comes around as often as you land a win. So while you’re floating around in your astronaut suit, grab a pen and paper and take note of the aliens’ very advanced cloning process – our scientists might find something useful here.


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All it takes is a zap and a blam!

We could learn a bit of alien lingo in Space Wars slot, we know that BLAM means you’ve won big, and that ZAP means its abduction time. NetEnt committed here, the sound effects are rad, and the innocent alien-theme is clumsy and enjoyable.


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It has a medium volatility and a 96.75% RTP. The only thing it is missing are more freebees in the sense of bonus features and free spin rounds. So if you’re after something with a bonus that’s a little more out of this world, you can play these BitStarz games – Space Race slot, and Space Spins slot – which will both have you mingling with species from another dimension.

Rocket launch your way to the milky way where a maximum win of €40,000 is sailing through the stars waiting to be captured by you!