An Abundance of Luck and Big Wins Awaits in These Lucky Slots

I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky is what Kylie Minogue once sang. Just in time for the weekend, we hope these slots will bring you a whole bunch of just that, luck. For the sake of argument, let’s apply the old saying guilty by association and if we associate ourselves with these slots then we should be guilty of being lucky. We are not sure if this way of thinking holds any type of validity but we are definitely willing to give it a go.

Lucky Leprechaun – iSoftBet

What a wonderful setting you will be transported to through Lucky Leprechaun slot. The soundtrack and backdrop puts an immediate grin on our face and we can really imagine ourselves walking around these luscious green meadows, skipping around with the playful leprechauns. If you are wondering if these guys have any gold waiting for you in this slot, just take a look at the progressive jackpot numbers! There is nothing left to say other than this is a beautiful looking slot and the wins are even prettier.


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Lucky Drink – Belatra Games

How many of you have ever thought the last drink of the evening would be the lucky one and then the night turned to shit (met the devil himself)? We have all been there at some point and we get to do it again in Lucky Drink slot. This time however, you can actually get away with making a whole bunch of cash (max coin win is 1,500,000) instead of only spending it so it’s really a win win.

Set in a seedy pub, with the right combo on the reels you will end up in front of Satan and put your skill to the test by picking barrels that can bring you some solid coin!


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Lucky Firecracker – Microgaming

The Chinese New Year is an inspiration of celebration and the firework displays are absolutely stunning. In Lucky Firecracker slot we get to see some of it and this is a stunning looking game. The free spins round is where you will make your fortune. You can enjoy 15 of them with the added bonus of a 3x multiplier attached to each one. Our only question is, where can we buy more of these lucky firecrackers?


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Lucky Lands – Endorphina

Besides being an attraction park in Houston, Texas, showcasing Asian culture and history, Lucky Lands is also a slot. Although this game has more of an Irish focus than anything Asian, we believe that luck is luck, regardless of the origin. Horseshoes and four-leaf clovers will be the ones bringing you luck this time around and by getting up to 25 free spins, you will be on your way towards creating your very own lucky land!


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Lucky Dolphin – Platipus

Get ready to meet some of the happiest and funniest animals living in the deep sea. Normally there will be danger lurking in the ways of sharks or other killers but Lucky Dolphin slot is a happy place and there ain’t no drama, mama. The bonus game is a shop and pop kind of game where you pick which one of these animals is hiding a nice sum of money. Get it right and move onto the next round. The further you go, the tougher it will get due to the hidden game over signs. Have faith, as this is after all the Lucky Dolphin!


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Positive Thinking Leads to Positive Outcome

Can you feel it? We definitely feel luckier after spinning the reels of these babies and with a positive thinking you will get positive results so we won’t let anyone rain on our parade today. Come with us on this positive journey, enjoy these slots and let’s bring on the luck we deserve.