Popcorn and Oscar Worthy Wins Awaits in the at the Movies Slot

Last Sunday it was time for the 2020 Academy Awards, with all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. The mile long red carpet got trampled on by the world’s most expensive soles and heels and the elite of the movie making industry rub elbows with each other and in a smooch fest greater than most. The amount of smoke being blown up the asses could alone very well be the reason for the messed up smog situation in Los Angeles.

We do love a great blockbuster on the big screen as nothing beats the real thing. Thanks to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Pirate Bay, the industry is suffering but we will gladly pay for the tickets and head to the At the Movies slot. We have an extra if you’re up for it?

Who are you wearing?

Nothing beats the atmosphere of a proper movie theatre but first you need to get mandatory popcorn and coke, or you may as well turn around and go home. Ticket stubs and snacks in hand, it’s time to find our seats. While everyone fights for the seats in the middle, we prefer to find a more secluded seating away from the loud people. We prefer to relax and concentrate on the movie instead of fighting for elbow room with the rest of the hooligans or we might as well sit on an airplane.

The seating arrangement in this cozy slot is in front of 5 reels and 25 paylines. The symbols on the screen consist of an animated dog, oscar statue, popcorn, a heart, ticket booth, teeth from a vampire or a flesh eating plant and a projector. We wonder if Nostradamus was consulted when making this slot, as you will find Brad Pitt on the cover of the Hollywood Digest. Pitt actually won an oscar for Best Supporting Actor on Sunday!

As extras, you will find theatre masks as the wild and a classic film reel as the scatter.


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Special Effects

CGI or other expensive design effects were not used in this slot and no animals were hurt during the making. They say the more money you have and the more famous you get, the less you have to pay for things. In this case, free spins will have to do.

As the film reel icon is the scatter, you should aim to land a few of these as this will trigger the free spins. You can get up to 20 of them, depending on how many film reels you land. One could refer to this as reel on reel action, but that would be reely bad humor. During the free spins, all wins will be doubled!

Did we mention that landing 5 Oscars will get you a jackpot worthy of a Rodeo Drive shopping spree?


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And the Oscar goes to…

We will happily come back to this movie theatre. It was a perfect reminder of how life was growing up and going to the movies was a big event. But before you head out there and win a whole bunch of money, get your suit ready, ask the girl or man of your dreams to be your date and make a night out of it!