Bag Yourself a Nice Jackpot in the Super Marble Hold and Win Slot

“Welcome to Super Marble, please hold and win.” That is a wild guess on how it would sound if you called the office of Booongo’s latest release, the Super Marble Hold and Win slot. Fruits and symbols aside, this is a game for the ages and if you are a fan of jackpots, you can find three of them here and they are in full bloom.

Some of our favorite words are Mini, Minor and Grand because we know they are associated with a ton of jackpots and so do you. The ones in this game don’t play in the same league as the Mega Moolah but landing one, or even two of them can be just as thrilling. Sporting a 1,000x multiplier and a €50,000 max win shows that this game means business.

The question is, are you ready to go jackpot-hunting?

Line up the Right Combos

All you need are 5 reels and 25 paylines to get started. Fruits, Liberty bells, marbles and the wild dice bring the entertainment and their beautiful looks to the reels, for your eyes only. It may look like a simple game that lacks the basics but just wait until you line up the right combos.


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How to Get to the Bonus Game

It will take 6 or more of the fancy marble symbols to get the invite to the bonus game. Starting off with 3 respins, the count will reset for every symbol you manage to stick on the reels, meaning you can go on for a while if you just hit the right spots.

The show is over when you run out of spins or if you pull off filling all 15 spots. Sitting back while all the value of your landed symbols are being counted for is a real treat. It doesn’t matter if it’s just marbles or if you have managed to stick a couple of jackpot symbols, it’s a fantastic feeling.

In terms of the jackpot values. There are three jackpots and each of them have its own value.

  • Mini Jackpot = 20x your stake
  • Minor Jackpot = 50x your stake
  • Grand Jackpot = 1,000x your stake

As you can see, there is some real money to be made here so do your very best to make the reels listen to you.

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The impressive Super Marble Symbol

During the bonus game, you can land the Super Marble symbol. When this guy lands, it will attract all your accumulated values from the other symbols, except the jackpots, into one. This little addition can make a ton of difference on your total win.

More Thrilling Action

Jackpot games are the best and just knowing you’re only one spin away from a massive win is as thrilling as it gets. Speaking of thrilling, Slot Wars can be just as exciting, considering you can get your hands on a nice slice of the €5,000 that’s being given out each and every week. Get in on it, if you’re hungry for more cash!