Keepers Of The Secret Slot is a Sleeper

Let’s define “sleeper.” It’s not someone who is sleeping, not in this context, at least. It is often used to describe a very ordinary car that has been modified to offer performance that belies its appearance. It’s like that 300-pound father of three who transforms into Steph Curry when he steps onto the basketball court for a pickup game or the scrawny guy who destroys the bodybuilder in an arm wrestling match.  

When it comes to slot games, sleepers aren’t something you frequently come across. If the graphics and theme are average, it’s normally a good indicator that the slot is going to be average. Keepers Of The Secret slot from BGaming may just be the sleeper we’ve been waiting for, though. 

Where the wilds come alive

We all know what wilds do. They substitute for all other symbols, except for bonus symbols, to complete winning combinations. It is, without doubt, the most widely used bonus feature of all time. That’s not to say the feature can’t offer a twist, though. In Keepers Of The Secret slot, the wild in the base game is as stock standard as they come. Things do, however, get more interesting once you trigger a round of free spins.


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A round of the slot’s free spins feature is triggered with the appearance of three or more gold jaguar scatter symbols on the reels. During a round of free spins, wilds become sticky, remaining on the reels for the duration of the bonus feature. These wilds do not, however, appear on the reels like you would expect them to. 

When one of the golden jaguar scatter symbols appears on the reels during a round of free spins, it will spawn three spirits that will land on random positions on the reels and create wilds. The jaguar will also not disappear once it lands on the reels. With each spin, it will move one space down. Each time it lands, it will spawn another three wild-generating spirits until it falls off the bottom of the reels. If a wild spirit hits a position that has already been transformed into a sticky wild, it will turn into a sticky multiplier wild that will start with a value of 2x and increase by 1x with each subsequent spirit. 


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If you’re not keen on waiting around for a golden jaguar to come into your life, you can select to purchase a round of the slot’s free spins feature.

Is it time for the Keepers Of the Secret slot to spill?

Keepers Of The Secret slot offers high volatility. This results in gameplay that offers rare big with long stretches of gameplay absent of small, consistent wins. The slot’s 10,000x max multiplier means that you can play for up to $240,000 in winnings when betting at $24 a spin. If you bet at the $0.20 minimum, however, you can expect to win up to a maximum of $2,000. The slot has an RTP rating of 97.02%.

Although Keepers Of The Secret slot does at first appear simple, it does have a lot to offer. Yes, the base game is fairly uneventful, with only a wild to tide you over until you unlock a round of free spins. Once you do, however, the wild-related bonus features that come into play are really engaging and well worth the wait. The graphics are good, but they’re not exactly memorable, with the slot’s appearance easily mistaken for dozens of other slots with the same theme. Thanks to those free spins bonus features, however, this one gets a seven out of ten.

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