Going Greek: Gods of Olympus III Megaways Slot

It’s time to enter the wonderfully weird world of Greek mythology again. When Uranus hid some of Gaia’s children (we’re just going to brush over that for now), the goddess of the Earth asked her psychotic offspring Cronus to castrate Uranus. After chopping off the god’s sausage and meatballs, Cronus threw his dad’s tallywacker and bouncy buddies into the sea, where they bubbled up and gave birth to Aphrodite. And, of course, the goddess that was birthed from Uranus’ twig and berries is the goddess of love and lust. A little on the nose there, you Ancient Greek perverts!

Now that you’ve got your intro to Greek mythology lecture out of the way, let’s talk about the new Greek mythology-themed slot from Iron Dog Studio called Gods of Olympus III Megaways slot.

Welcome to the home of the gods

Gods of Olympus III Megaways slot features megaways and cascading reels. The Megaways mechanic will vary the number of symbols that will appear on each reel from spin to spin. This means that the ways to win offered on each spin will vary up to a maximum of 200,704 ways. Cascading reels remove symbols involved in winning combinations, allowing new symbols to fall into the empty spots and possibly complete additional combinations.


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Most of the slot’s bonus features action will come from the horizontal reel above the slot’s standard set of six reels. In addition to acting as a normal reel, the horizontal reel will feature special symbols that will each trigger a unique bonus feature.

Athena will transform two to four symbols into wild symbols on reels two, three, and four. Apollo will transform two to four symbols on reels one, two, three, and four into a symbol from reel one. Poseidon will transform three to four symbols on reels one, two, and three into the highest value symbol. Finally, Zeus will transform two symbols on reels two and three into multiplier wild symbols.


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The slot’s free spins feature is triggered with four, five, or six scatter symbols, which will award eight, twelve, and twenty free spins, respectively. You can also choose to bypass the old-fashioned way of triggering a round of free spins with the buy bonus feature.

Is Gods of Olympus III Megaways slot fit for a god?

Gods of Olympus III Megaways slot offers you a shot at winning up to $200,000, betting at just $8 a spin because of the massive 25,000x max multiplier. Thanks to that massive max multiplier, even if you bet at the $0.10 a spin minimum, you’ll still be playing for up to $2,500 in winnings. The slot features high volatility, which means you’ll be chasing your big wins without the guarantee of small, consistent payouts. The RTP for Gods of Olympus III Megaways slot is 96%.

As the introduction to this article articulated, Greek mythology is filled with insane stories and fun visuals. That’s why it always depresses me when I see cookie-cutter bollocks like Gods of Olympus III Megaways slot. I’m not saying it’s a bad slot. It offers some fun win mechanics and bonus features with some fairly well-executed graphics. It is, however, just another beige slot based on Greek mythology to add to a very large pile. It could have been so much more. I give this one a five out of ten.

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