Beam Your Way to Big Wins in Tractor Beam Slot!


Make sure you’re wearing your best pajamas; the aliens are in town and they’re abducting absolutely everyone. You’ve not got time to get dressed, hurry out to your farmland, the aliens are taking a special interest in your herd. Battle with the aliens and try to keep your animals safe and sound for your chance to unearth an out of this world big win. Tractor Beam Slot is going to beam you to a whole new level of big wins and fun!

Landing the Motherload

Every good alien invasion comes with a mothership that’s lurking in orbit, and we have a feeling this one is jam-packed full of coins. If you can defend your farm and protect your animals, you can bag yourself a cool 1,500 coins. The various bonus modes give you even more chances to walk away with a much bigger pile of coins, so keep fighting – the aliens are about to give up!

Watch Out for A Clone Attack

Watch out, the aliens have been busy cloning your farm animals while you slept. They’re not very good at cloning though as they made way too many and don’t have space for them all on their ship. So, the kind aliens are returning hordes or animals back to your farm. One animal at random will be beamed onto the reels as stacks, giving you the chance to take home super huge wins. The stacks of animals can land on up to 4 of the reels, so be prepared for a bumper win!

Beaming Up the Trash

Who new aliens loved to collect garbage? Well, that’s one of the perks of an alien invasion we suppose. Randomly, all non-organic – all low value symbols and scatters – will be beamed off the reels, leaving you with only animals and wilds left behind. Beam ‘Em Up feature leaves you with only the highest paying symbols on the reels, giving you the chance to win enough cash to build yourself an army to fight back against the aliens.

It’s Time to Get Abducted

Say goodbye to your loved ones, the aliens have finally come for you. Landing 3 or more scatter symbols will trigger Abduction Spins, where you will watch your animals get abducted, one by one. Every winning combination will remove that specific symbol from the reels, meaning greater chances of landing a mega win. Each scatter symbol you find on the reels during Abduction Spins will grant you one extra spin!

Tractor Beam is one of the coolest slots we’ve seen this year, and its 3D graphics will blow you away. As you battle the aliens and try to save your animals, you will earn points towards the Slot Wars leaderboard. Place in the top 30 at the end of the week to win a slice of €1,000. Make sure you’re holding on tight, the aliens are going to try their best to beam you away!

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