BitStarz Player Wins $114,000 on Greek Gods Slot!

We love to post stories about our players winning big, it’s what we’re all about here on the BitStarz Blog. One of our latest success stories ended with a player pocketing a fantastic $114,000 by spinning the reels of Greek Gods and sticking to his strategy.

After making a deposit of $50, it was time to go to work. With his initial spins, he opted to start low with $2 bets, not knowing what kind of day he would have and how things would play out. After a few spins, he hit his first big win, ending up with $140.

What’s the fuss about $140? Well, it’s not a win that makes you start looking for a new home, but it’s still a nice pickup and it was a sign of things to come. After this first big win, he decided to turn things up a notch and increased his bet to $3, just in line with his chosen strategy.

Increase the Bet With Each Big Win

Another big win of $596 landed and this really got things moving. Sensing this could be a good day after all, he made the decision to increase his bet once more. This time he put down $6 and kept spinning. His strategy was to increase his bet after every big win he landed and he stuck to his guns and put down even bigger wagers as the wins kept coming. Trusting the process of his strategy landed him win after win and his bet size finally reached an impressive $125 per spin.

As you can tell, it turned out to be his lucky day after all. He eventually managed to run his balance all the way up to a mouth-watering $114,000! It’s all in a day’s work they say and what a day it was.

The Greek Gods are Generous

The slot of the day was Greek Gods from Pragmatic Play and if you haven’t tried it yet, you should. This will give you a sneak peek of what to expect.

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BitStarz Player Wins €2.4 Million!

During last year, one of our players shook the casino world to its core after landing win after win. The lucky player managed to blow up Azrabah Wishes and pocket a jaw-dropping €2.4 million! It’s about time we get to hear about another success story and even though this win didn’t reach the same staggering amount as the one above, it’s a very nice sum of cash.

A massive congratulations on the fantastic win goes out to the lucky player from all of us at BitStarz. The question is, will you be next? There is only one way to find out!