Walk the Plank or Hunt Down the Gold Treasures in Jolly Roger Slot!

Ship a’hoy! Being a pirate was always a fun thing to dream about growing up and then Mr. Weirdo himself, Johnny Depp made it even more popular through his Jack Sparrow character. If you think about it, why should we be afraid of a man with a patch over his eye and a peg leg? He can barely see us and the chance of being caught should be even less. Jolly Roger slot awakens these pirate dreams and it is all men on deck.

Time to Set Sail

The cannons are firing on this pirate ship and we are more than happy to have climbed aboard, peg leg or not. Play’n Go sets the sails with 5 reels and 15 paylines that are stacked with all the authentic pirate symbols, all the way down to the creaky wooden ships.


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Treasure Hunting

What would a pirate slot be without a treasure hunt map where X marks the spot? In this game, you will get the chance to load up on your wins by getting the three pieces of the torn map you will need to put it together. 5 Red crosses are marked and you have to pick 3 spots where you think hold the most coin! Let’s see what your gut feeling is pirate worthy.


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Gold Coin Bonanza

If for any reason you are a bit hesitant for a treasure, then treasure chests might be more your style. Bust open two of these and reveal your prize. The only issue as we see it with finding a whole cave filled with gold is how the heck are you supposed to get it out from there. You won’t have to think about that in this game, so all the gold you can find is yours to keep.


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It’s Time to Walk the Plank!

Step aside, Johnny Depp! Life as a pirate is fun, there is no denying. Adventures of a lifetime, exploding gunpowder, gold, gold and more gold, what else would you need? This slot is a treasure in itself and spinning the reels brought as a sense of freedom, just like a true pirate. Enjoy these open waters and bring back a ship full of gold or walk the plank. It’s up to you!