Become the New Ruler of the Roman Empire in the Hot Caligula Slot

Before 50 Shades of Gray, there was Caligula, the raunchy movie about the Roman Caesar and his appetite for debauchery with the masses of women during his time of ruling. As horrific of a dictator he was during his time, he still gets a game named after him and the Caligula slot is here to take us back in time to good old Italy.

Caligula believed himself to be a god and one of his most famous quotes says: “Remember that I have the right to do anything to anybody.” We truly hope that’s not the case once we push the spin button but as the risk takers we are, we are willing to take a chance.

Caligula’s Oversized Ego

Dressed up in our best leaf crown, we are faced with 5 Roman reels filled with Mr Caligula himself as the wild, showing himself off in the biggest way possible to boost his oversized ego. A soldier’s shield and sword, gold coins with Caligula’s face on it and a stunning looking blue-eyed blond, which most certainly has caught the Emperor’s attention like she did ours, will cover the rest of the reel space together with playing cards symbols.


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Become the New Caesar

Like the ruthless Emperor he was, he would never approve of a slot that didn’t have free spins. As always, you need to land 3 or more of the scatters to trigger the bonus feature and these spins can get you enough cash to call yourself the new Caesar!

There are banners hanging above the reels with multipliers and the more of them you land on the reels, the further to your right they will move and give you a nice increase every single time.


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Caligula Is Finally Paying Back to Society

GameArt really came through on this one and it’s easy to forget what a douche this guy was back in the day. He was famous for ripping people off and stealing their money for his own gain but we get the feeling he’s paying most of it back through the wins up for grabs in this slot.

If this game makes you feel a percentage of how it was to be the ruler of Rome, we understand why it was such a popular position and we are definitely coming back for more.