Bitcoin Pizza Day: Get a Slice of the Action with These Slots!

Bitcoin Pizza Day has been a thing since 2010, and if you’re big into cryptocurrencies like us, then you already know all about this incredibly tragic (but also magic) day in BTC history.

If you’re not quite in the loop, then oh boy, best you buckle up because this is one hell of a story.

In 2010, the first real-world Bitcoin transaction happened (this is the magic), where Laszlo Hanyecz bought two Papa John’s pizzas for 10,000 BTC, which was about $41 back then.

What are those pizzas worth today? Over $260 million! Cue the tragic.

Nevertheless, the first material crypto transaction is 100% something to shout about, and Bitcoiners everywhere have been celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day ever since.

Today should be no different because we’ve got extra-cheesy slots for you to play!

PIZZA! PIZZA? PIZZA! slot delivers huge wins

Want to win big? You can with Pizza! Pizza? Pizza! slot.

It’s obviously the most fitting game for the day, being home to a host of high-paying toppings, having a mouth-watering theme, and a very exciting player experience. It’s Bitcoin Pizza Day in a slot, I’d say.

Pragmatic Play did a delicious number on this one. You can order up Free Spins, indulge in the Pizza Boy and Super Pizza Boy features, and take your chances with the ante bet functionality.

I love the way the reels spin here, this game it’s so unique and creative. Not to mention profitable, too. You can most certainly enjoy your own big rewards playing this high volatility, 96.04% RTP slot. Put it on your list for today 😉


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Play Blockchain Megaways slot for wins to the moon

We can’t celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day without giving a nod to the very lifeforce of cryptocurrencies – the mighty blockchain! And, Booming Games have just the slot for us.

Blockchain Megaways slot is a cyberpunk dream. It’s very techno, and very crypto. It’s a database of digital dreams and some pretty massive wins too.

This game is totally wild, with unexpected modifier surprises at every code. From Mystery Symbols, and Cash Collect features, to Max Megaways mechanics and Free Spins with Unlimited Win Multipliers, this slot is a bonus badass.

It also has a high volatility with a close 96.5% RTP – giving players the perfect game to stick it out with.


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Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day!

Bitcoin Pizza Day is a playful reminder of the big beast, Bitcoin’s humble beginnings, and the epic journey it’s had ever since.

As we all know, hindsight is 20/20 so we can’t be too disappointed in Laszlo Hanyecz – he made history… The guy I’m pissed at is the delivery guy, Jeremy Sturdivant, who blew those Bitcoins like it was nothing, and squandered $356 million. SMH.

Even the most extraordinary stories can start with the simplest of cravings. Cheers to pizza, Bitcoin, and the awesome intersection of the two. Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day!