Celebrate Speak Like a Viking Day with Power of the Vikings Slot

Okay, so talk like a Viking Day isn’t really a thing. I’m coming clean – it was just a clickbait title to get you here. Now that you are, how about a quick Viking fact before we get onto the game?

Do you remember learning that Christopher Columbus was the first European to discover North America? Well, that was bull. Scientists believe that the Vikings began building settlements in North America centuries before Columbus sailed across to steal the accolade for the Norse settlers. It makes you wonder what else you learned in history class is completely wrong, doesn’t it?

History books are, however, not going to help you win big with Power of the Vikings slot from Booming.

Do you like the pointy hats?

Power of the Vikings slot is all about wilds. The slot has three different wild symbols, each offering a unique feature. All three wild symbols can appear in both the base game and during free spins. However, during free spins, one of the symbols has its feature supercharged.


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The first type of wild symbols are random wilds. On any spin, up to 6 random wilds can appear on the reels in the base game, and up to 10 random wilds during a round of free spins. Colossal wilds are bigger than the standard 1×1 wild and can appear as 2×2, 3×3, or 4×3 symbols on the reels. Finally, multiplier wilds will award a multiplier to winning amounts.

Three or more scatter symbols will trigger a round of the slot’s free spins feature. Scatter symbols can only appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. Before a round of free spins kicks off, you’ll be given a choice between three different features: random wilds, colossal wilds, and multiplier wilds. The feature you select will be guaranteed on every spin during your round of free spins.


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If pillaging and conquering isn’t your thing, you can select to purchase a round of free spins instead. The slot’s buy bonus feature is fairly basic, offering the ability to change the bet amount, and that’s about it.

Is Power of the Vikings slot the attack of the clones?

Why do game providers keep producing Viking-themed games? Better yet, why do providers keep producing the same Viking-themed game? There is very little new or creative about Power of the Vikings slot. If you’re looking for a solid slot with some interesting bonus features, then there’s nothing wrong with it. However, if you’re looking for something new and exciting, Power of the Vikings slot is not for you.

The slot offers medium to high volatility. This gives the gameplay a balance between small, consistent wins and rare big wins. However, the variability will also mean that portions of the gameplay will lean away from small, consistent winning opportunities. The 1,500x max multiplier results in you needing to bet at a massive €100 a spin to play for the €150,000 max payout. The slot has an RTP of 95.6%.

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