Get Ready – Another BitStarz Exclusive Is Coming to Town

It’s going to be another exciting week here at BitStarz and we can hardly wait. You know how we enjoy throwing out special treats from time to time and this week that means another exclusive game, coming your way.

The latest game from Platipus will be found exclusively here with us for a limited time but that’s not the only game on the way. Pragmatic Play and Play’n GO also want to be in the mix with a couple of new releases so let’s take a look at what’s coming.

Wealth of Wisdom – Platipus

Release date: January 21

The Wealth of Wisdom slot is one of those games where the title alone adds a bit of deeper meaning to the game, increasing our expectations even more. On top of that, this is another exclusive release that you can enjoy playing, knowing that nobody outside of BitStarz can touch this particular spin button for an entire week.


Will Buddha show you the path to the 3 jackpots? Can you rack up the big wins through free spins by releasing the roaming wild lions? There are a lot of questions looking for answers but you can figure it all out by sinking your teeth into the Chinese New Years festivities from Platipus!

Congo Cash – Pragmatic Play

Release date: January 21

Some of the biggest treasures are still hiding deep in the Congo jungle and the Congo Cash slot is your VIP-invite to make a move and bag one of them. A close encounter with wild beasts can be dangerous but when the payouts are of this magnitude, it’s a risk worth taking. After all, no risk it – no biscuit!


Bragging rights aside, this is the perfect opportunity to give off a King Kong worthy roar to declare your success. Free spins, jackpots and diamonds are all waiting for you in an incredibly wild adventure!

Bull in a China Shop – Play’n GO

Release date: January 21

There’s no need for a matador in the Bull in a China shop slot but you can expect a stampede of wins and an explosion of bull testosterone. Our condolences goes out to the proud owner of the shop, an elderly Chinese lady, but letting the bulls loose is the quickest way to the big bucks.

We all love free spins and this time around you will have a few option. Happy, Proud or Angry free spins are all eagerly awaiting to show what they can do, just like a young bull wanting to prove he is the strongest. If you mess with the bull, you get the horns, but you can also get paid a ton!

In the Meantime…

We know, we know, it’s rough having to wait a few days for these games to arrive but there is plenty of fun to have until then. Our BitStarz game lobby is loaded with entertainment so make sure to swing by and you will forget all about the wait for our new arrivals.