It’s a Crazy 25% Cashback Weekend – Don’t Miss Out!

Cashback weekends are the best, and we know how much you love them. So, fasten your seatbelt, stow your tray table and prepare for takeoff, this BitStarz flight is heading right for cashback city. With 25% cashback waiting for you, you can drive right into this weekend at full speed and walk away with a ton of cash in your pocket – no need to slow down for the corners!

Play without fear this weekend at BitStarz!

It’s All About Cashback!

Cashback is the name of the game and you’re getting nothing but glorious cash in your account when you play your favorite table games this weekend. Starting from 13:00 CEST on Friday September 18 until 23:00 CEST on Sunday September 20, you’ll be able to collect 25% cashback on your losses. This means you can play without fear and push yourself to the max without worrying about your losses.


The best part? You don’t need to do anything except for play your favorite table games – we’ll do the rest. The 25% cashback will be calculated on your table and live casino gameplay over the course of the promotion, with it maxing out at €100. Once the cashback weekend is over, you’ll get your cashback credited to you automatically on Monday September 21 before 13:00 CEST.

A Great Time to Push for Pirate Gold!

With the Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure coming to a close, there’s never been a better time to play table games and level up your account. With the safety net of the 25% cashback weekend, you can make bold calls and really live life in the fast lane, allowing yourself to max out your level and walk away with the gold before any other player at BitStarz.

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There’s a solid gold bar weighing 1kg, €10,000 in cash and €50,000 in individual prize pools waiting for you, so use this epic cashback weekend as the perfect excuse to smash through the levels and be the best pirate the world has ever seen!

Ready. Set. Cashback!

Go, go, go. What are you waiting for? The 25% cashback weekend is now live here at BitStarz. Go play your favorite table games and live casino games right now to take full advantage of this epic weekend of mayhem and cashback.

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Whether you’re going to test out a new betting strategy, try one of our awesome guides to win insane amounts of money on roulette or you’re just going to play a few blackjack hands, you can do it this weekend without worrying about coming up short.

Good luck, enjoy the cashback!