Blade & Fangs Slot Makes Horrors Seem Like Disney Movies!

Remember those days when going back to your ex seemed like a good idea? Well, I’ve found something even more terrifying and less regretful – the Blade & Fangs slot!

The place where this game is set is dripping in gothic horror – skulls, webs, and a hooded demon that’s definitely not here for cuddles. My kinda guy.

Now’s the perfect time for me to mention that the reels are turned by blood-stained saws – because why not? Some people need a traumatizing change of scenery now and again.

Are you one of those people? If so, read on.

The supernatural take-over

Blade & Fangs slot is a Pragmatic Play release, where all cliché supernatural creatures have rendezvoused for a century-old catch-up. Not quite the kiki I am used to, but here we are.

We’ve got vampire bats, werewolves, serpents, and, my personal favorite, zombies! And let me tell you, each one is more heinous than the next. There is so much darkness – I know a great therapist for the person who thought of this. No judgment here; they need help!

If all this isn’t disturbing enough for you, then maybe the butchery-grade saws spinning the reels will top it all off. Bonus, they’re dripping in blood. Remember Hostel? Yeah, those.


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The main game

Apart from its totally deranged theme, what sets this high volatility slot apart from most are the game grids because there are two of these, which is pretty cool – we’ve got double the chance of winning in a spin.

Now, onto the features. Lord knows what the Scatter symbol is; it’s like a charred mummy. Man, this slot is messed up! The other special symbols are daggered-rose Multipliers.

Whenever both the red and pink rose multipliers land simultaneously, the two grids will merge, and respins will be awarded with these multipliers in play.


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The bonus round

Sticking to the scary, Blood & Fangs slot has a 96.05% RTP and offers 8 Free Spins as the bonus game. They could be a bit more generous with their spins, but I guess we’re in hell. So, I’ll take what I get.

To get the free spins, you can either buy them for immediate entry, or spin the hair-raising reels until you land 3 of those charred thingys on them.

The bonus is played on the merged grid with the multipliers making a welcome appearance too. Oh, and I didn’t tell you that you can win $350,000 dabbling around here, making all this baaaaad energy worth it!


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A game for Chucky!

I’m not even going to bother with the whole “this is not for the faint of heart” jargon; my review has been filled with red flags and warning signs.

Blades & Fangs slot has to be the most terrifying thing to come out of 2024, and we’re only on Day 8!

If you dare to play it, the sound of the chains is what bothers me the most – so maybe you wanna try on mute. That’s my tip. Good luck out there!