Leave It to Lucky Mr. Patrick Slot to Get You the Big Bucks

With a name like Lucky Mr. Patrick it seems as if luck would just follow you around like the greatest wingman of all times and when you get a slot named after you, well, you have definitely managed to get our attention. The luck of the Irish is once again being put to the test but have no fear as the legendary leprechaun himself is here to guide you every step of the way in the uplifting new Lucky Mr. Patrick slot.

Spinomenal is throwing a mighty green bomb in our direction full of green hats, a magical green free spin wheel, green wilds, synced reels and a ton of green cash. With a sneaky little leprechaun around all bets are off and a €40,000 max win barely scratches the surface of the kind of gold you can get your hands on in this game.

Let’s see if some of Lucky Mr. Patrick’s luck can rub off on the rest of us!

Welcome to the Green Winning Machine

As soon as the soundtrack kicks in, you will feel like you have already won as there’s no way it doesn’t make you feel all kinds of jolly, but let’s focus on the 5 reels and 20 paylines that will take your game to the next level.

Fireflies are surrounding the reels, cheering you on, while four-leaf clovers, pots of gold, beer and harps fill the positions. As wild as he says he is, we think it’s only fair that Mr. Patrick himself takes on the role as the wild.


Play Now

With a bet limit set at a decent €40, you can definitely do some damage here as you hunt down the 1,000x multiplier and €40,000 max win. We don’t think you’ll want to stop there though and with a medium volatility and 95.90% RTP, there’s plenty more gold for you to scoop up.

Time to Sync up the Reels

On each and every spin, two of the reels will be synced and show the exact same symbol setup. This can sometimes be the difference between winning and winning big!

Spin the Wheel for 40 Free Spins

In order for you to get to the free spins round, you’ll have to land at least 3 scatters, which won’t be an issue for a player like you.

Play Now

When this is done, get ready to spin the wheel. The bonus wheel will determine how many free spins you will get as well as choose a special symbol that will help you win big. With a bit of luck you can max out and get 40 free spins. Boom!

Go Straight to Free Spins With This Trick

If you don’t have the patience to wait for the scatters to come, just click on the Buy Feature button, cough up a small fee and head straight to the free spins. VIP-style, baby!

Pockets Full of Cash

After you’ve conquered Lucky Mr. Patrick slot, don’t be surprised if you keep hearing the jolly tunes as you skip down the street with your pockets full of cash. This is a fun and highly entertaining game and we must say, this Lucky Mr. Patrick character knows how to have a good time and his luck does seem to rub off. Go see for yourself!