Win Like an Outlaw in New True Grit Redemption Slot

We all know how the story goes. The villain murders the hero’s parents, and they vow to hunt them down and take their revenge. You’re not alone if you’re thinking Batman, but you are unfortunately mistaken. This tale is set in the Wild West when cowboys and outlaws roamed the land.

Journey to the badlands and join the heroine of True Grit Redemption slot from Nolimit City as she takes her revenge.

Will the real True Grit please stand up

True Grit is a novel written by Charles Portis that was published in 1952. The novel was then adapted into a film in 1969 which was then subsequently updated in 2010. Needless to say, this is a story that has been told and retold. Although True Grit Redemption slot and its creators don’t seem to give much credit to its source material, the inspiration is more than obvious to anyone familiar with the novel or the movies.


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The slot is beautifully illustrated, with the character symbols being especially well done. Our main protagonist, Mattie in the original and Grit Girl in the slot, is depicted as a determined young woman out for revenge. The slot’s main antagonist bears a striking resemblance to Daniel Day-Lewis’ character from Gangs of New York, which is to say, menacing and capable of great violence. The strength of these characters sets the stage for an engaging narrative.

You get a bonus. You get a bonus. You all get a bonus!

Fans of Nolimit City slots are well catered for with this latest release. The slot offers a number of the slot developer’s most popular bonus features, including several free spins features, a trait that has come to define Nolimit City slots.

As you ride into town with your six shooters on your hips, you’ll notice a row of three characters above the reels. If a symbol in this row matches a symbol on the reel below it, that symbol will turn wild to complete winning combinations.

If you’re going to find gold in these hills, however, you’re going to have to expand your territory. On a standard spin, ten positions of the 6×4 slot will be locked. With the appearance of one scatter symbol on the reels, the first four positions will be unlocked. A second scatter will open up the next three, a third the next two, and with the appearance of a fourth, the final position will be unlocked. The final position hides a sticky wild with a win multiplier that will increase by one with each cascading win.

Of course, the appearance of three or more scatter symbols on the reels will also grant you a round of free spins, as well as unlocking slot positions.


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With the appearance of three scatter symbols, you’ll unlock eight Torture Spins with all but one of the slot’s positions still locked. With the appearance of four scatter symbols, you’ll unlock ten Dead Spins with the sticky wild multiplier in the bottom-right corner activated for all ten spins.

Then there’s the Grit Girl symbol. Unlike most character symbols, Grit Girl will be inactive until three or more symbols appear on the reels. Once active, the symbol will pay out up to 500x the base payout for your current bet.

Finally, we have some standard Nolimit City features. xNudge Wilds are stacked wilds that will nudge up until fully visible, increasing a multiplier by one for each position it is nudged. xWays symbols will split into two or three symbols, increasing the slot’s ways to win. There are also Infectious xWays symbols that will transform all symbols like it on the reels to the same expanded size.

Is True Grit Redemption slot riding into the sunset?

True to form, Nolimit City has packed True Grit Redemption slot will bonus features. However, after playing the slot, we’re left asking, does it really need them all?

Yes, bonus features can make a slot more engaging and give you more chances to win big. However, if a bonus feature is more involved than the standard wild and free spins features, it requires you to learn how they work. And if you add too many novel features to a slot, you’re likely just to make the whole thing confusing. True Grit Redemption flirts with that line a little too closely for our liking.

Then there’s the extreme volatility. Sure, that means that you get to chase the huge €363,960 jackpot betting just €18 a spin. However, if you’re not looking to win it all, you’re going to need to wait longer than you’d like between even modest wins. Luckily, if you have a large enough balance, the 96.11% RTP rating will mean that you might be able to make it worth your while.

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