Bow Down to the Leader of the Undead in Zombie Queen Slot!

If you’ve ever read a good sci-fi horror story, or watched the movie as we usually opt to do, then chances are you’ve heard about zombies. The living undead. These monsters are neither alive or dead and have the ability to turn you into one of them with a simple bite. This scary skill of theirs makes them one of the most feared monsters the world has ever created, so perhaps it’s time you bow down to their leader – she might spare you!

Zombie Queen slot is frighteningly good, with stunning graphics, huge amounts of wilds, a great free spins mode and more action than you can shake a stick at. You’ve got two choices, run for the hills or embrace the Zombie Queen and win more than you can ever imagine!

Run! They’re Alive

Ok, we’re not going to lie. If we saw a horde of zombies running, or limping, towards us, we’d probably run for the hills before they got anywhere near us. That’s a decent strategy to use in almost any situation, but if you’re after big wins, you’re going to need to live on the wild side. By teaming up with the Zombie Queen you’ll open yourself up to the chance of getting bitten and turning into a zombie. But, on the other hand you could become the queen’s right-hand player and she’ll bestow a crazy amount of cash upon you.

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Zombies aren’t the only things you need to keep an eye out for in Zombie Queen, ohh no. There are also mega wins, free spins and much more for you to meet in this spook-tacular slot. Packing a max win worth €21,712.50, this medium to high volatility slot with an RTP of 97.67% truly is one of the most legendary zombie slots we’ve ever seen!

Free Spins Will Get You Further Away from the Zombies!

We tried our best to be brave heroes like you are, but we couldn’t hack it anymore and decided to bolt. But, in doing so we found the best way to escape from the zombies and make a ton of cash in the process – free spins. There are two ways to trigger free spins mode, both of which are easy enough to do. You can either land three bonus symbols on the reels, or, you can take a shortcut and hit the Hyperspins button, allowing you to buy free spins!

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Free spins mode will be awarded in a tier system, with higher bet values rewarding you with more spins and more multipliers than lower but values, but all are just as exciting. There are multiplier sticky wilds all over the reels, and your bet level will determine the level of this multiplier – the higher your bet, the higher the multiplier. You can win more free spins by landing golden eyes on the reels, so keep an eye out for those as you’re running away!

Meet the Zombie Queen!

Despite being afraid the entire time, we had a total blast playing Zombie Queen, and we know that you will too. The graphics are gruesomely realistic and the soundtrack is haunting. You’re not going to want to play this in the dark while you’re home alone – trust us on that!