Can Our Epic Roulette Strategy Help You Win in Regular Roulette?

If you cast your minds back to November 2019, we shared an interesting roulette strategy that allows you to bag a whole lot more winnings by simply changing the way you place a few common bets. Now, since then, we’ve had a lot of questions about this very system, with many people asking if it will work in regular roulette too.

So, to answer your questions, we’re going to dive back into the strategy and walk you through it one more time. Let’s find out if this legendary strategy will bag you more wins in regular roulette!

What is this Legendary Strategy you Speak of?

We know that many of you are seasoned BitStarzonians, but there are also a lot of new faces – yes, we see you out there in the crowd. Let’s begin by running through the theory of the strategy for everyone’s benefits, and to refresh our minds, of course. This strategy takes place on the Lightning Roulette variant of roulette, where every spin of the wheel, a selection of numbers are supercharged with lighting multipliers. These multipliers can get as high as 500x your stake, which isn’t bad for a win on roulette!

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The strategy then dictates that you place a bet on an outcome that has a 47.4% chance of winning on American roulette or 48.60% on European roulette – that’s red/black, odd/even or high/low. Now, usually you would place this bet on the button that has this description, but the strategy suggests that you should in fact place it on each of the numbers on the board. This is because this way you have a chance to pick up the multiplier, whereas when you place the bet on the button, you cannot win the multiplier – sneaky, right?

What About in Regular Roulette?

Ok, now you’re familiar with the strategy, it’s time to dive into whether it will work on regular roulette. Given that a single number pays out at 35:1, many people have been asking if by playing regular roulette with this strategy, will they make more money? The answer is no. That would give you an unfair advantage over the casino, and casinos don’t like that. So, the rules of roulette actually prevent this from happening by reducing the payout for numbers with the more numbers you place bets on. When you place bets on a dozen numbers, you cut the payout down to 2:1 – the exact same amount as if you place it on one of the 47.4% 0r 48.60% chance bets. As you can see in the video below, when we placed a bet of €36, we only won €72 using this strategy in regular roulette.

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We’re sorry to burst your bubble and moment of excitement, but if there was an epic way to make extra money when placing the same bet, you would already know about it as we’d have already taught you how to beat the game!

Stay tuned to the BitStarz blog to learn more epic strategies and learn how you can bend the rules to bring down the bank!