Are You Playing the Games Best Suited for Your Personality?

Finding your own personal favorites among the huge number of games on offer takes one click for some while others are still searching for that special someone after years of playing. What makes one game so perfect to you might not make any sense at all to somebody else which is why it is practically impossible to name the best game. Luckily you can find whatever you need right here at BitStarz.

Whether your decision regarding a specific game is decided on your unique individuality, the game’s performance on a particular day, your overall mood or if you like something because someone else does doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that we are all different and so are the games, so let’s have a look at some examples and see if any of them fits you and your personality.

The Jackpot Hunter

You are on a constant hunt for that ultimate adrenaline rush. This is when you come alive and the bigger the bet and the bigger the payout, this is what gets your blood pumping. An adventurer at heart but it is the massive jackpots that are the holy grail you have your eyes set on that excites you the most. To get that monstrous payout you are looking for, progressive slots like Mega Moolah, Diamond Wild and King Cashalot will quench your thirst for the big bucks.

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The Risk Taker

Most risk takers can’t be bothered with strategies and patience isn’t their strong suit so instead you prefer putting your trust in the hands of the universe. If the game demands too much thinking, you will turn around at the door as you are aware that boredom will kick in really quick. If this is your type of personality you should do well at games like roulette and slots.

One Man Show

If this is you, your preferred company is you and only you. There are no distractions and nobody else to blame but yourself which makes it easier to get into the zone. Video Poker could be a solution for you or try your luck at games like Texas Hold’Em or American Blackjack.

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The Competitor

If playing with or against others is something you need in order to get excited then you need to hit up our Live Casino, plain and simple. There should be plenty there for you to choose from that will trigger your competitive nerve plus you get the bonus of an interactive live dealer.

Everyone is Welcome at BitStarz

We hope this is able to offer you some guidance on what might be of interest to you. But even if neither of these types of personalities ring a bell, you can find a ton of games in the BitStarz Game Lobby. Head over there and see what tickles your fancy. Regardless of your personality, the doors to BitStarz are always and that is how things should be.