Leap Like a Frog From One Win to Another in These Froggy Slots!

They say girls have to kiss a lot of frogs before they find their prince charming and the stats say the average woman will kiss 22 of them before finding the real deal. Our question is how many frog slots do you need to play until you find a favorite and cash in big? Let’s take a swing at some of the amphibian-worthy slots and see if there is a prince charming comparable when it comes to wins and payouts.

Frog Story – EGT

Frogs aren’t usually the main character in stories but perhaps they do deserve to be, and in the Frog Story slot they will have their chance to shine. The frog in this particular slot is the wild, has a bit of a smirk and wears a crown on its head so it seems to have quite the ego. From a gambling option to toppling reels, this slot comes down to the 4 progressive jackpots that can be triggered at any moment. Go get them!


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Frog Creek – Belatra

If you’ve heard the story about the frog and the scorpion crossing the river, that’s probably the closest you’ll come to the Frog Creek slot. Luckily there is no scorpion here but the creek is crawling with frogs and they are out to play. They truly come alive during free spins when you will choose one of them to perform some magic and set the stage for your big wins by leaping around the symbols.


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Royal Frog 120 – Quickspin

If the frog is already considered royal, does that mean it’s already a prince? Perhaps you will find out in the Royal Frog 120 slot. You can look forward to 10 free spins and find your answer there, waiting for multipliers or perhaps buy yourself a few extra wilds on the reels. Whatever road you take towards finding the answer, there is a lot of money to be made along the way!


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Gold Money Frog – NetEnt

The golden frog is very rare and if you come across one it means you are about to be very lucky. How fortunate that you just happened to stumble across the Gold Money Frog slot where a little bit of luck can turn into a whole bunch of money. Bonus wheels, free spins and super jackpots are all in play in this slot so get your pockets ready to be filled!


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