Get Wild for Wins in Scatter Monsters Slot

We’re halfway through January which means that New Year resolutions are already being broken, and the kids are finally back at school. So, what better way to fill those small moments you have to yourself between Zoom meetings than a casual slot with some great graphics?

If this is something that resonates with you, Scatter Monsters slot from Quickspin might just be it.

Descend into the depths of hell for big wins

All of the slot’s action and bonus features are built around its cascading wins feature which removes symbols involved in winning combinations allowing new symbols to take their place. This can lead to a cascade of multiple winning combinations from a single spin.


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In Scatter Monsters slot, the soul of each symbol removed is added to one of three Soul Meters to the left of the reels. Each meter has a number of souls you need to add to it before it triggers a special bonus feature. You can also add souls to a meter by collecting a Heavens Gift box that will add between 10 and 50 souls. Soul Meters can be overfilled allowing its special bonus feature to be triggered multiple times.

The blue Vampire Soul Meter requires 20 blue vampire souls to unlock and once it is, all low-paying symbols of all colors will be upgraded to their higher-paying counterparts. If there are no low-paying symbols on the reels, all medium-paying symbols are upgraded.


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The Green Zombie Soul meter requires 40 green zombie souls to unlock and once it is, all symbols of a random color are removed and their souls stored in their corresponding Soul Meter.

The red Demon Soul Meter takes 60 red demon souls to fill and once it is, it will trigger a round of eight free spins. Every 25 red demon souls over the base 60 souls you use to unlock your round of free spins will add an additional one free spin to your total.

During free spins, the Soul Meters will function as they do during base gameplay. However, the one additional bonus feature that is active during free spins allows all souls left in the Soul Meters to be converted into a multiplier for the winnings of that spin starting from a base of 16 souls which will add a 3x multiplier. The highest multiplier you can add is a 20x multiplier with 101 or more souls.

Is Scatter Monsters slot rockin’ or meh?

There is a lot to like about Scatter Monsters slot. The chilled heavy rock soundtrack (which does sound like a contradiction, I know) is great, and the graphics really bring some amazing life to the gameplay. The bonus features are also great making it seem like you are always on the verge of unlocking something. It’s probably not important to most people but Scatter Monsters slot also has one of the most effective quick spin settings I’ve ever seen. This allows you to get through a bunch of spins in no time at all if that’s something you’re interested in. All in all, a solid little slot that is definitely worth a few spins.

The slot has medium volatility which means that you’ll have a nice balance between consistent wins and big wins. However, if you’re looking to go after the €149,300 max win, you will need to bet at €100 a spin thanks to the fairly low 1,493x max multiplier. The slot has an RTP of 96.08%.

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