LonneyPop Slot and its Bonkers 50,000x Multiplier

Wacky, zany, quirky, absurd, insane, surreal, ridiculous, and outlandish. There are just so many great words to describe the absurd. And that’s before we even start on the posh British versions, which are always delightful.

AvatarUX is most certainly not the first to embrace the nutty, screwball, crackpot, or loopy for a slot, however, they are the most recent with the provider’s newest oddball creation, LooneyPop slot, which continues its tradition of shoehorning the word “pop” into the title of every slot it releases.

Get wacky with expanding reels

LooneyPop slot’s most prominent feature is its unique expanding reels. With each winning combination, the reels which featured the symbols involved in the win will expand in height by one per symbol. All symbols involved in that winning combination will then be removed with new symbols replacing them, giving you a shot at more than one win on every spin. In the base game, each reel can expand to a maximum of six symbols while during a round of free spins, the reels will max out at a height of nine symbols.


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Just above the reels, you’ll see the ZapReel. On each spin, the ZapReel will display special rewards with will be applied to the reels below. During the base game, the ZapReel can apply a multiplier, split symbols, and the expansion of a winning combination. During free spins, it’s pretty much the same with the chance to unlock larger multipliers.

If during base gameplay you managed to expand each of the five reels to its full six-symbol height, you will unlock a round of free spins. Before you begin your round of free spins, you’ll get a shot at spinning the Wacky Wheel, which will give you a chance to increase the number of free spins you are awarded. However, there is also a chance you will be booted back to the base game without playing a single spin.

Once a round of free spins is unlocked, the reels will remain at six symbols high with a chance to continue to grow. Unlike in the base game, reel height will not fully reset with every spin. Instead, the reels will reset to the height of the shortest reel.


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If you’re not keen on waiting around for the craziness, you can select to purchase a round of the slot’s bonus features. You can choose to buy six or twelve free spins or to have a spin of the Wacky Wheel.

Is LooneyPop slot insane or mundane?

So, I am really unsure about this one. LooneyPop slot is… interesting. The graphics are chaotic, which is maybe the point considering the theme of the slot. However, I’m really not sure if I like it at all. I think with a little tweaking it could have been great, but it just feels a little clip-artish (yes, that’s a made-up word but so are all other words) as is.

The slot has a 50,000x max multiplier. You’re not going to find many slots that have larger. And yes, you do have to deal with very high volatility as a result. However, you can bet at just €5 a spin for a shot at €250,000 it’s something a little special. Does that all make it worth it? I’m really not sure. The slot also has a 96% RTP rating.

If you’re looking for a few other wacky slots from AvatarUX, I recommend giving Zombie aPOPalypse or KokeshiPop a try.