How to Pick a Loose Blackjack Dealer and Rumble the Casino

We all want to find out the easiest way of getting a leg-up at the casino, as most methods involve needing to be some sort of rain man that is crazy good at math. What if we told you that even the average Joe can now beat the dealer more often than not simply by looking at the dealer? Well, we’ve got some great news for you – it’s possible!

Unfortunately, both online casinos and land-based casinos are already well aware of this little trick and they help the dealers as much as possible to overcome this. Still, we’re all human and so too are dealers, so let’s teach you how to pick a loose dealer and take full advantage of it – it’s not illegal, we promise!

Dealers Get Tired and Sloppy

Imagine working a long shift, often at horrible hours of the day while people are watching you for flaws in your technique – this is exactly what live dealers go through. These dealers have regular lives, just like we all do, meaning they don’t often sleep all day – otherwise they wouldn’t be able to run errands and have a life. So, this leads to being tired or feeling hungover at work, and in turn can lead to a sloppy performance.

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If it’s your lucky day, the poor dealer at the table has had a rough day and is feeling tired. This will leave them more likely to make mistakes and let you catch a quick peek of the cards. Watch the dealers closely for tell-tale signs, such as yawning, frequent time checks, and a more relaxed posture. All of these are key indicators that your dealer isn’t 100% on form and probably needs to call it a night.

How Does This Help Me?

We’re getting to it, we promise. A tired dealer will make tiny errors and the way they move cards around the table will be with less care, meaning you might be able to get a sneak peek of other cards on the table. As the tired and lazy dealer pulls cards out of the shoe, they could pull them in such a way that a corner or end is exposed very briefly. If you can catch a glimpse of the dealer’s cards, you stand a better chance of winning the hand as you know half of the story. Most dealers have to stand on 17, so if they’ve got a bum hand, you can double down relative confidence they won’t pull off a blackjack and win.

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Isn’t That Cheating?

Well, the answer is both yes and no. If the dealer shows you their cards then it’s the dealers mistake, not yours. Actively changing your seating position and height to try and sneak a peek is cheating. There is a fine line between cheating and simply taking advantage of a tired dealer, so make sure you tread carefully. If you do keep bending down as the dealer is dealing in a land-based casino, you can expect men in suits to drag you away pretty quickly. When it comes to online casinos, the camera is often higher up to combat this, but dealers still make mistakes and you can catch a glimpse of cards from time to time – so keep those eyes peeled.

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While this strategy isn’t illegal and it won’t get you thrown out of the casino, casinos give dealers regular breaks to help prevent them from getting tired and making mistakes. You won’t always find a tired dealer, but when you do make sure you take full advantage!