Don’t Miss These 5 Top Slots From Casino Technology

Get ready for another swing at the many adventures with the help of our partners. Today’s lucky contestant is Casino Technology. Watch the bananas take over the dance floor, navy girls and nymphs will stop by and let’s go for a spin with tropic dancers before we say bye-bye to the spy guy!

Bye Bye Spy Guy

We have always been huge fans of spy movies and the whole mystique surrounding these people. From James Bond to Jason Bourne and the Russian spies in popular TV-show The Americans, there is at least one spy for each generation and we have all had our favorite, even our parents.

Bye Bye Spy Guy slot has a secret stash of free spins, stacked away for a rainy day. Well, today is raining so land 3 or more scatters and get yourself started with 10 of them. During these spins, you should keep collecting scatters and you can get more and more free spins and up to 200x your bet. Before you start spinning, make sure you dress down to avoid any unwanted attention.


Banana Party

Who knew bananas loved to party? We think partying banana peels and dance floors would be a lethal combination, but perhaps they have their own night clubs where they slip and slide all over the place. Banana Party slot will show you some crazy moves and when the vibe is right, anything goes and nothing is off the table. With every win less than 10x your bet you can make the extra buck through the gambling option. Let the funky music guide you to the right pick and you will be smiling all the way to the bank. Go bananas!


Forest Nymph

At first we thought this title would lead to another kind of game, which had us curious. We quickly realized we were on the wrong track, but still pleasantly surprised by the beauty of this stunning slot. Forest Nymph slot will show you the true beauty of nature and the animals that call it home. The detailed graphics are captivating and we caught ourselves just staring at the screen. You can choose the gambling option if you feel extra lucky or you can rely on cashing in on the 3x multiplier you will get during your 15 free spins. The max coin win here is 10,000m which should be able to get you to the nearest forest where you can feel closer to these nymphs. After all, they do have healing powers.


Navy Girl

Fleet week is a massive annual event in New York City, but we think navy girls deserve their very own parade of appreciation. Navy Girl slot is one way to pay tribute to these heroes and what better way than with 5 reels and 10 paylines. The reels are filled with sailors from both sexes, but the scatter is the well deserved female officer.

Let the forces unite and help you land 3 or more of these and you can celebrate and salute them all with 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier. The 1950s outfits are as cool as they come and if you’re in a proper party mood, you should go for the gamble feature!


Tropic Dancer

We have all shaken our tooshies to Tropic Dancer, by Elton John. Wait, or is it Tiny Dancer? Whatever the case is, why not just enjoy both. Tropic Dancer slot takes us back into the dance floor built up by 5 reels and 25 paylines. Carnival ladies look as lovely as always while Rico Suave himself puts the extra sleaze in his hair to live up to his reputation.

The wilds are making moves and the disco ball will help you get the ever so sought after free spins. The trick here is to land as many as possible and you can end up spinning anything from 15 to 33 of them and really see the moolah come in. This slot is a pure treat for all the senses!


The Perfect Mix of Games!

Dance moves and spies? Now that’s a really nice mix of games and we love the variety that Casino Technology offers. You will find all of these plus many more in our BitStarz lobby, so go nuts and may Lady Luck pay you a nice visit!

Just a heads up. Depending on where you are in the world, some geographical restrictions may apply.