Devine Wins on Earth in Rise of Gods: Reckoning Slot

The origin story of the Greek gods is pretty wild. Basically, Cronus, their father, kept eating his kids. Zeus finally decided enough was enough and poised him causing his dad to puke them all up. The children then got the Cyclopes to make them some cool weapons that they used to attack Cronus. They then stole his scythe and cut him into pieces that Zeus then threw into Tartarus (their version of hell).

That’s the background. Now a twist. What if the gods that defeated the titans were Millennial hipsters? Well, Rise of Gods: Reckoning slot from Play’N Go answers that question.

Unnamed coastal city

Retconning Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades into hipster Millennials is such a great way of making some of history’s most enduring fictional characters relevant to a modern audience. But you can’t do it without some great graphics, and Rise of Gods: Reckoning slot doesn’t disappoint.


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When you launch the slot, you are greeted by the three gods in all their full-length glory. It’s an incredibly striking introduction to the slot that makes the whole thing compelling. And that’s really not where the fantastic graphics stop. Every element of the slot is crafted to ensure the story that the slot is selling is convincing. The animation of the Cronus scatter symbol is a personal favorite of mine. I didn’t expect it to burst to life, and when it did, I was amazed at how lifelike it was.

The treasures of Olympus

In either the base game or during free spins, two reels can, at any time, be transformed into stacked versions of one of the three high-paying symbols. Once this happens, the reels in question will transform to reveal the full-length view of the god that appeared.

Another feature that continues from the base game is the win multiplier, although it does act slightly differently during a round of free spins. The basics are that any stacked reel that appears will increase the win multiplier by one. In the base game, the win multiplier will be reset with each new spin.


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With the appearance of three or more Cronus scatter symbols, you’ll unlock a round of six free spins, and the mad titan will break free and inflict his wrath on the people upon Earth. As the gates of hell open, the skies will turn red, and your free spins will get started. During free spins, the wins multiplier will not be reset. This gives you a chance for a huge multiplier and possibly that €125,000 max win.

Rise of Gods: Reckoning slot grand or godawful?

Transforming Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon into hipster Millennials was an interesting touch from Play’N Go that definitely set it apart from other Greek-mythology-themed slots. And the concept is sold really well with some great graphics. The graphical elements of Rise of Gods: Reckoning slot are also backed up with some interesting bonus features and well-timed animations. I particularly enjoyed how severe the graphical shift was for a round of free spins.

Things look just as divine when we look at the numbers. With medium volatility, you have a nice balance between consistent wins and big wins. Plus, with that 96.2% RTP rating, you’ll be getting a good entertainment return for your investment. All in all, it’s probably one of my favorite Greek-mythology-themed slots to date.

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