Make Your Wishes Come True With Christmas Big Bass Bonanza Slot

Fishing is a lot of fun but actually catching something can be a bit trickier. Add to that a thick layer of ice to drill through and you’re immediately leveling up in terms of difficulty. Luckily the right clothes can actually make freezing temperatures quite cozy. Unless you have the body fat of a hummingbird of course, then ice fishing is not for you.

Getting a few big wins on the hook will warm anybody up and Pragmatic Play has made sure of that with it’s latest holiday fishing trip. Packed to the gills with a lot more than sea bass, this secret little spot is known as the Christmas Big Bass Bonanza slot.

Make Your Christmas Wishes Come True

Getting a true Christmas vibe from the ocean can be tricky but you definitely get the sense that the bass and seahorses are extra festive this time of year. Much thanks to Santa hats and other decorations, it definitely feels like the right place to be for a Christmas fishing bonanza.

The bait-box is full of decorations, the fishing rod is pimped out and for whatever reason, Santa seems to have lost his sleigh in these waters as well. Line up the right combos and these 5 reels will be all you need this Christmas.


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No matter how nice it would be, a €378,000 max win does not need to be wrapped. Just hand that thing over and we’ll be as jolly as ever and surely you feel the same. With a 96.71% RTP and high volatility, there’s some serious cash for you to reel in, especially with a juicy €180 bet limit.

Catch High Value Fish and Reel Them In

Who knew Santa was such a fisherman? He is putting on a show during free spins and as great as he is at catching fish, he’s just as generous with the money afterwards.

So how do you get to witness Santa’s secret skills up close? Well, when you land 3 or more scatters, it’s time to switch focus to 10-20 free spins.

During free spins, you will see all fish symbols come with a cash value attached. Here’s the trick. If Santa shows up at the same time as the fish, he will collect all of their values and pass them along to you. Now that’s clearly a man for the people!

Santa Will Give You Extra Spins

Not only does Santa give you cash, his symbols are also collected. You can follow the meter above and when you’ve managed to go through 4 Santa symbols, you will get 10 extra spins including a multiplier. Nice!

Every time you reach the next level, your win multiplier gets bigger. So, don’t be afraid to use Voodoo or whatever you deem necessary to lure Santa out of his hiding and you can keep spinning for a long time. We can hear the cha-ching from here!

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Use the Buy Feature and Head Straight to Free Spins

You’ll be glad to know that if you’re tired of the small fish, you can head straight to the free spins and the big bucks. On your left side you’ll find a sign that will let you skip the line for a small fee. Simply click on it, set your bet level, cough up the money and you are on your way to the free spin show!

Big Win Potential and a Christmas Vibe is a Dynamic Duo!

The original Big Bass Bonanza slot was a hit and we can see a lot of potential in the Christmas version as well. There’s just something about the addition of Christmas decorations and the right soundtrack that puts us in a great mood. Having a shot at making some serious money makes it even better.

If you’re looking for a good payday, collecting wilds during free spins and getting 10 extra spins as well as a multiplier is the trick.

The bottom line is, the Christmas Big Bass Bonanza slot is ice fishing at its finest and you don’t need the outdoor cold to get the job done. Thanks Pragmatic Play!