Discover Golden Wins in New Under the Fifth Sun Slot

Living in an Aztec city must have been a surreal experience. Sure, you were the first people in the world to try chocolate. But you also had to deal with the fact that some weird priest is roaming around choosing people to sacrifice to the gods – not ideal.

So, when you head out to give Under the Fifth Sun slot from Felix Gaming a spin, you might just want to watch your back while you’re enjoying your cup of hot chocolate.

Discover a lost Aztec civilization

The Aztecs believed that the history of the world was split into five solar phases, with a different god serving as the sun for each. The fifth and current sun is Huitzilopochtli, who must defend himself daily against the goddess of the moon, Coyolxauhqui. In order to ensure the sun continues to beat back the moon, human sacrifices are required.

This cheerful bit of Aztec mythology is the inspiration behind Under the Fifth Sun slot. Despite this, the slot manages to knock it out of the park. It’s surprisingly historically accurate and beautifully illustrated.


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The slot’s low-paying symbols are a set of playing card suits customized to fit the theme. The high-paying symbols are beautiful depictions of the sun and moon gods and an Aztec priest and priestess. The symbols come to life when they’re involved in a winning combination with magical energy surrounding them. The result is an incredibly engaging experience.

Golden gifts from above

To unlock big wins, you’ll have to pay tribute at the temple of the sun god.

In addition to substituting for all other symbols to complete winning combinations, the pyramid temple symbol also acts as the slot’s scatter symbol. With the appearance of three or more pyramid symbols on the reels, you’ll unlock one of the most innovative free spin features we’ve ever seen!

Once unlocked, your free spins will begin to count up from zero instead of down from a predefined amount. As you progress through the free spins, you’ll make your way down the golden pyramid, unlocking larger and larger multipliers up to a maximum of 25x. Once you hit the maximum multiplier, you will receive one final free spin. In total, you can receive up to 31 free spins at a time.


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Blessings from the sun god extend further than just free spins. If you manage to grab three or more bonus symbols, you’ll get to spin the multiplier bonus wheel that will award up to 100x your winnings.

Has Under the Fifth Sun slot discovered the lost city of gold?

There are countless slots that draw inspiration from Aztec myth and design. Under the Fifth Sun slot is, however, almost unmatched with its execution. The slot is bright and engaging, and its illustrations are beautiful. It really is stunning to look at it.

When you combine the superb aesthetics with an impressive array of bonus features and a €312,500 jackpot, Under the Fifth Sun slot becomes an incredibly attractive option. You will need to deal with high volatility and a disappointing 95.52% RTP rating, but that’s a small price to pay.

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