Join the mother of demons in Lilith’s Inferno slot

The mother of demons has cut a legacy far deeper than you know. She has appeared in the mythology of civilizations throughout the world. She’s referred to as a temptress, the primordial she-demon, and a woman who would not submit. It’s safe to say that Lilith is one of the baddest biblical bitches around, and she’s recruiting to take on hell itself!

Join her ranks as she takes on the worst the underworld has to throw at her in Lilith’s Inferno slot from Yggdrasil Gaming.

This is not the temptress you are looking for

Instead of the seductress you’re used to, this interpretation of Lilith is an adorable little turquoise she-demon that will lure you in with her cuteness before she takes you out! Standing in her way are the four gatekeepers, giant demonic animals who guard the treasures of the underworld.


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This cast of characters inhabits a slot that offers incredible attention to detail. Each element of the slot is crafted to ensure you’re engaged and immersed in the world of Lilith’s Inferno. The result is a home fit for Lucifer himself.

Summoning demonic riches

Are you ready to rumble in the pits of hell? Let’s do this!

We’re not going to start with wilds or any of the other base game bonus features. There are no rules, and we’re skipping straight to dessert.

If you’re itching for a fight, you’ll need to get your hands on three or more guerilla-head scatter symbols to activate the game’s free spins. Once you do, it’s time to fight, and you’ll need some fast fingers to defeat a demon gorilla scoring a free spin for every successful hit.


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Your battle with the gorilla is only the beginning of your trials in the fiery pits of the nether region!

During a round of free spins, you’ll need a deal with the devil to get two or more VS symbols to unlock the second-screen bonus game. Once you sign on the dotted line, you’ll be rewarded with your first look at the game’s devilish hereon. That’s right, Yggdrasil Gaming makes you work to get a glimpse at the mother of demons.


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As the fight begins, Lilith will come face to face with one of the four gatekeepers. You’ll need to help her defeat her foe with fast fingers before the demonic entity takes her out. Once the challenger has been vanquished, its character symbol will turn wild for your remaining free spins, and you’ll be rewarded with two extra free spins to continue your quest to rid hell of demons.

Will Lilith’s Inferno be condemned to purgatory?

Hell couldn’t contain her, and neither can we! Lilith’s Inferno slot has a great theme, bonus features that have you questioning if you’re playing a slot or a video game, and the chance to slay the €198,400 jackpot. The slot also features a return to player rating (RTP) of 96.4% and medium to high volatility that may have a spinning a little longer than usual to get a win, but when you do, it’ll be a big one.

What struck us about this one, though, is how fresh it felt. Game developers Yggdrasil Gaming took a gamble on a fresh interpretation of Lilith and a unique game mechanic, and oh boy, did it pay off – This is definitely one that you should check out.

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