Discover Lost Cities in Towering Ways Aztec Slot

The Aztecs valued the chocolate cacao bean to such an extent that it was used as a currency. According to accounts from Spanish conquistadors, 100 of the beans were sufficient to purchase a canoe filled with fresh water or a turkey hen. I am not sure why you would want a canoe filled with water, but maybe that’s just me. I get valuing chocolate, though.

Explore this chocolate-obsessed society in Towering Ways Aztec slot from Relax Gaming.

Discover a lost city

The slot features a really interesting format that gives the reels the appearance of the kind of stepped pyramids that the Aztecs built at the height of their power. The second most notable feature of the game is the locked symbols, a portion of which are opened with the appearance of a winning combination.


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If the new symbols that are revealed add to the winning combination, the process continues. However, if the new symbols do not add to the winning combination, the spin is concluded and any winnings are paid out.

The base game also features wild symbols and stacked mystery symbols. When the mystery symbols appear on the reels, they will transform into a single symbol, giving you the chance to complete a large winning combination.

The slot’s free spins feature is triggered when all symbols on the reels are fully unlocked. Once triggered, you’ll get to choose between Warrior free spins and Shaman free spins. Shaman free spins will award six spins with each free spin starting with a portion of the locked symbols unlocked. Warrior symbols won’t start you off with any of the locked symbols unlocked but will have a growing multiplier that will supercharge your winnings.


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If you’re not keen on waiting around for the blocks to fall into place, you can select to purchase a round of the slot’s free spins feature.

Is Towering Ways Aztec slot worth its weight in gold?

Towering Ways Aztec slot is a mixed bag. The reel setup is unique, and the slot does have a number of interesting bonus features. However, the theme has been done hundreds of times before, and this particular execution is certainly not the best I’ve seen, and it’s not even close. The graphics that are there are also nothing to write home about. I just wish that there was some creativity in the theme and execution of the theme. This one really could have been good.

The slot has high volatility, meaning that you’ll be unable to count on small consistent wins while you wait around for a big multiplier. And even if you do, the multipliers aren’t going to blow you out of the water with the slot offering a max multiplier of 3,840x. The slot has an RTP of 95.42%.

If you’re looking for a few Relax Gaming slots that I would actually recommend, give Monsters vs Gigablox and Professor Clanks Combinator a try.