Slice Your Way to Wins in Hit Saber Slot

Beat Saber is a virtual reality game that had players chop through red and blue blocks to the beat of popular music. The game became widely popular on social media but much of that excitement has since died down. This means it’s the perfect time to make a knockoff slot game based on the Beat Saber IP, right? Enter Hit Saber slot from Groove Gaming.

The only question that remains is if the slot is just a cheap knockoff or something that builds and expands on the concept giving players a brand-new gameplay experience.

Time to get slicing

The slot features cascading reels, a standard term used to describe a number of similar bonus features. The feature removes all symbols of a winning combination allowing new symbols to appear in their place. This gives you a chance to unlock multiple wins on a single spin.


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The cascading reels feature in Hit Saber is complemented by the multiplier ladder. With each cascading win you manage to trigger, you’ll progress once space up the multiplier ladder up to a maximum of 4x in its standard configuration.

The standard configuration of the multiplier ladder can be supercharged with multiplier multipliers that appear as black cubes with a white dot on the reels. When one of these symbols appears, all the values on the multiplier ladder will be multiplied by the amount displayed.

The multiplier multipliers can appear both in the base game and during free spins. However, in the base game, the ladder will reset after the conclusion of each spin. During a round of free spins, the multiplier values of the multiplier ladder will continue to increase and will only be reset once you have concluded your round of free spins.

I initially thought the dollar sign symbol would award cash prizes, however, it does not. Instead, the symbol acts as the slot’s scatter symbol, and the appearance of four or more in a row will award 15 free spins.


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If you’re not keen on waiting around for those little cubes to align, you can also select to purchase a round of free spins.

Is Hit Saber slot a cheap knockoff or the real deal?

Hit Saber slot is a knockoff there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. However, that doesn’t mean it’s cheap because it’s not. The slot has been crafted with an incredible amount of care and the graphics, gameplay, and bonus features are all great. If I had never heard of Beat Saber before, I would not question this one for a second.

It’s not all looks and bonus features, though. The slot has some impressive stats. In addition to a higher-than-average 97.50% RTP, the slot also offers medium volatility giving you a nice balance between consistent wins and big wins. Talking about those big wins, if you’re betting at the max €40 a spin, you’ll have a shot at scoring the €200,000 jackpot. And even if you’re looking to bet small, the 5,000x max multiplier will still give you a chance to score some healthy wins. All in all, it’s a great addition to BitStarz.

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