Do You Dare to Go Trick or Treating at the Horror House Slot?

The countdown to Halloween continues and it should come as no surprise that some of the most feared monsters of all times keep poppin’ up on reel after reel. Chucky, Dracula and Frankenstein are some of the characters that always tend to show up this time of the year but we had no idea they all lived together!

In the latest release from Booming Games, they proudly open the doors to their beloved home and you are invited, if you dare. The house may not be your first choice for trick or treating, but superb features like re-spins and free spins will surely satisfy your sweet-fang.

Rumor has it, there’s at least a €240,000 max win stashed away in there so let’s go knock on the door of the Horror House slot and find out what else they’re hiding!

As Creepy as Expected

In contrast to “the lights are on but nobody’s home”, in this game “everyone’s home but the lights are off” is a better fit. The house is as creepy as expected with cracked windows and boarded off sections, setting the right Halloween vibe for the 5 reels and 45 paylines.


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Considering the scary characters you’ll be dealing with, the high volatility makes a lot of sense. The game has a 96.04% RTP and a 4,800x multiplier, just waiting to be put to use. We’re pretty sure you don’t mind either.

Horror House Re-Spins

When you first enter the premises, the grid may look a bit small because of the closed windows. Don’t worry, as soon as you nail a winning combo, you will unlock another two positions and the windows will open up. Don’t get spooked!

With a win comes an automatic re-spin and as long as you land another win, more windows will open up and you can reap the fruits of another re-spin.

Keep it going but if your wins stop coming, the windows will be shut and you’ll be back to square one again.

Turn on the Lights to the Free Spins

If you take a look above the reels, you’ll notice six windows in the attic. For each win, one of the lights will be switched on and when you land 6 consecutive wins, all the lights will be on and you have just triggered the free spins.

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You will get 8 free spins and since you cleared all the blocked positions, you will be playing your free spins on a wide open 5×5 grid with 3,125 paylines instead of the original 45. Nice!

Make a Run for It

Halloween is one of our absolute favorite holidays and hanging out at the Horror House slot is a great time. Perhaps guys like Chucky and Dracula are just misunderstood after all, who knows.

Don’t forget, while you land wins left and right in this game, it will count towards your progress in the weekly player favorite, Slot Wars. Make a run for it and secure a spot in the top 40 by the end of the week for a piece of the €5,000 prize pot!