The Nitropolis 2 Slot Packs a Serious Punch – Can You Handle It?

A post-apocalyptic world can seem like a terrifying place and with street gangs like the Dirty Dawgs, the Gritty Kitties and Pug Thugs roaming the streets, look out! However, a striving city like Nitropolis also brings a ton of opportunities so with a bit of wheeling and dealing, you can get the gangs on your side, helping you chase down win after win.

The opportunities we are referring to begin with a mindblowing 191 million ways to win! Take a second and let that number sink in. Now, let’s sprinkle 8 different Nitro Boosters, free spins, Nitro Reels and respins on top and you have a tasty dish known as the Nitropolis 2 slot.

In one of the most anticipated sequels in the casino world, the even hotter version of the 2020 Nitropolis slot har arrived and it means business.

As Tough as They Come

Surrounded by skyscrapers and electric billboards, your focus should be on the 6 reels and 4,096 ways to win that are the key to success. We already mentioned the Dirty Dawgs, the Gritty Kitties and Pug Thugs gangs and these animals are as tough as they come. How else would you explain a brass knuckles wearing doberman, a dojo master kitten and a shotgun blasting pug? Kudos to ELK Studios.

With these animals loose on the streets, every city needs pest control and it’s the Pest Sergeant who’s the baddest symbol around and will pay you the most.

Play Now

A €20 bet limit and 10,000x are a match made in heaven so set them up and a juicy €200,000 max win will find its way into your pocket. The game has a 95.00% RTP and medium volatility so you shouldn’t have any issues winning.

Light Up the Nitro Reels

You can’t come to Nitropolis without noticing the Nitro Reels. Completely at random, they can be activated and cover 2 symbols and contain 4 to 12 symbols. This means that each reel can have a lot more symbols than normal.

If you’re wondering the exact number, you can find the answer in a box above the reel. If you manage to maximize the 12 symbols in both reels, you will be dealing with as many as 191,102,976 ways to win. Crazy!

Time for a Respin

A winning combo will trigger the Winning Respin feature and all symbols plus Nitro Reels will spin once again. This will continue until you don’t land another win. The respin is simply another shot at winning even more.

Check Out the Nitro Boosters

As you can see there’s a lot of stuff happening in the Nitropolis 2 slot but we are far from done. As many as 8 different helpers are ready to roll and you can see what’s going on on the feature reel, sitting above.

Play Now

The Nitro Boosters are here to help make you become a winner so welcome them with open arms, lean back and let them work their magic.

  • Both Ways: This is where all wins are paid from both sides
  • All Wild: All sticky and landing Nitro Reels only contains wilds
  • Respin: The Nitro Reels and bonus symbols will lock and trigger a respin
  • Nitro Wild: Nitro Reels landing in the same column will contain only wilds
  • All Premium: All Nitro Reels will contain high value symbols
  • All Match: The symbols will match up with the ones on the left
  • Nitro Match: All Nitro Reels landing match up with a symbol to the left
  • Nitro Upgrade: Nitro Reels in the same column will be upgraded

How to Get Free Spins

It’s a crazy amount of helpers you will find but hold on, there’s more. When 3 or more of the bonus symbols find their way onto the reels, it’s time for free spins. Depending on how many scatters you land, you can get as many as 25 free spins, which sounds pretty darn tempting.

Once you get going, all Nitro Reels will lock in position during all your spins so you can imagine what that can do for your performance. Keep in mind that all Nitro Boosters can show up as well, meaning sky’s the limit. Nice!

These Reels Are on Steroids

Wow! It’s been a while since we saw this much action in terms of features and we couldn’t be more excited. The Nitropolis 2 slot is here to stay and even though the gameplay can seem a bit complicated at times, we expect this to be a new player favorite.

Head out into the thrilling Nitropolis night and keep an eye out for big wins and the pest control of course.