Don’t Forget You Can Toggle Between Gamble Features!

Gamble features are surprisingly underutilized by players from around the globe, despite their ability to double up your wins at the click of a button. However, many people don’t know that most games that have a gamble feature will carry two separate gamble features and you can actually toggle between them, or turn the feature off completely.

This is amazing news for players that prefer a certain type of gamble feature, as we all know that picking the right color can be a very scary thing to do. So, today we’re going to teach you how to toggle between gamble features to get to that gamble feature that you love!

Where is the Feature Toggle?

Gamble features aren’t in every single game, so you’re going to need to do a bit of work to find a game that carries a gamble feature. Most Belatra and Wazdan games have gamble features, so these are honestly your best bet. Once you’ve found a game and you want to change up the gamble feature, you’re going to want to dive into the settings. Simply hit the cog or spanner icon, depending on the game provider, and you’ll be taken into the settings. Here, you’re looking for the setting labelled Gamble Bonus or 50/50. Once you find this setting, you can switch between what is most commonly a dealer feature, a red/black or off.

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Are There Any Advantages to Switching Gamble Feature?

Many people ask whether it’s actually beneficial to switch gamble features in online slots, and depending on who you are, it can either make a big difference or none at all. A lot of people don’t like the idea of just two possible outcomes with the red/black or coinflip gamble features. Instead, these players will prefer a gamble feature such as the dealer round where you have four cards to pick from. That being said, you do get rounds on the dealer feature that have no winning options due to the fact the cards are drawn at random using a random number generator.

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So, while using the dealer round can play to your advantage, especially if the dealer shows a low value card, but when the dealer pulls a high card, your chances are greatly reduced of winning – but that’s why they call it a gamble round, after all!

Not Interested in the Gamble Feature? Turn it Off!

Not everyone likes the gamble feature, and if you prefer to play fast on the slots this feature can get a bit annoying. It takes an extra press of the space bar or spin button, which can get very annoying if you love to spin the reels as fast as possible. If that sounds like you, head on in to the same gamble feature settings menu and you can then disable the feature from appearing again during your session. Don’t worry, you can always reactivate the feature should you change your mind later on through the same menu or by restarting the game.

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Now you know how to adjust the gamble feature and play the gamble feature on your own terms, you can go out there armed with knowledge and rack up some tasty wins. Be careful though, some gamble features only allow you to risk 100% of your winnings, meaning one wrong pick and it all goes poof!