Navigate the Thunderous Stampede in Buffalo Power Hold & Win Slot

When it comes to pure power, there are not a lot of animals able to come even close to the mighty buffalo. Come on, these guys are incredible athletes. Not only are they said to be 4x stronger than an ox, they can reach speeds up to 40 mph and jump 6ft high. As you can see, it’s not something you want to mess with.

How is this relevant to the Buffalo Power Hold & Win slot? It’s pretty simple. It’s a Hold & Win game and when you slam dunk the €250,000 max win, there’s a chance the rush of pure adrenaline in your veins might cause you to run and jump around like crazy.

Beam along with the sun in the bonus round and pick up jackpots or slap the reels across the face with a stellar performance in the free spins mode and literally feel your pockets getting filled with cash. Let’s set this stampede in motion and make some money!

Match the Ferociousness

Several of the rival predators like the mountain lion and wolf are trying to match the ferociousness of the buffalo on the 5 reels but in order to keep it peaceful, Playson has given the highest value to the bear.

The headlining buffalo will charge the reels as a stacked wild and will also appear as the power symbol during the bonus round but more on that later.


Play Now

Thankfully, you won’t have to enter their actual territory in order to pick up the €250,000 max win. Put the €50 max bet into play, pick up the 5,000x multiplier and you’re off to the races. The game has medium volatility and 95.04% RTP.

Make the Free Spins Roar

Racking up 3 of the mountain scatter symbol will trigger the free spins and set you up with 8 of them. During your spins, when you see the mighty buffalo show as a stacked wild but this time it comes bearing gifts in the shape of a 2x multiplier to sweeten the deal even more.

How to Get to the Bonus Round

Free spins are great but in a Hold & Win slot, you want to get to the bonus round as soon as possible and it takes 6 or more of the burning sun symbols to get there. Even if you don’t manage to get 6 of the suns, you can actually mix it up with the power symbol and as long as they all add up to 6, you are off to the promised land.

Play Now

As per usual, you will start off with 3 spins but as soon as you land another symbol, the count will reset and you can keep going. If you run out of spins, your bonus round adventure will come to an end but not before all the values are added up and paid out.

Snag a Jackpot

In the bonus round, you want to score as many power symbols as possible because they are the key to the jackpots. There are 4 jackpots in play and there are levels to them. You will need 2 power symbols in order to get the Mini jackpot and 5 for the Grand. Easy peasy!

Keep in mind, the Grand jackpot will pay you 500x your stake so it’s definitely worth hunting down!

Celebrate Like a Mad Man

Life on the prairie can be rough and wild but with a clear focus and a bit of luck, the Buffalo Power Hold & Win slot can be the game changer you’ve been looking for.

Let the mighty buffalo lead the way to the big bucks and you can celebrate like a mad man!