Experience the One Row Wonder That Is Jungle Gold Slot

The cover of Jungle Gold slot reminds me of an episode of ‘Unlikely Animal Friends’ – but the pro-Instagram poser edition. You know, if Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian were animals (and genuine friends, for that matter).

While I’ve seen some strange pairings, a jaguar and a toucan are the weirdest. At this point, the cow and the tortoise are old news.

Another weird thing about this game is that it calls itself a “slottery.” And it has only 1 row. A bit more on that later. For now, let’s do the model-face Tik Tok challenge to get you ready to roll with these flawlessly filtered furballs.

Ready? Smile. Raise your eyebrows. Stop smiling… That’s your model face.

Is this a one-row wonder?

It seems that anything is possible when it comes to gambling, even 1-row video slots. My initial reaction was, “oh, cool.” But soon, the boredom set in because the chances of winning were hella limited. But not impossible.

Onlyplay shook things up by allowing symbols to play anywhere on the field, hence, awarding wins wherever they might be. So don’t get despondent when the second symbol doesn’t match the first – it’s not game over yet.

As far as the “slottery” idea goes, it’s part lottery and part slot. I get the slot part, but apparently, the lottery part lends to the game awarding instant wins like in a lottery. But still, slots do the same, no? This is where providers try to get fancy unless I am missing something.


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Strike a pose for big wins

The theme is Jungle Elegance, and I don’t want to see any real fur strutting down this runway unless it’s the game characters, of course.

They are perfectly posed. The Toucan knows which side is his strongest, the Jaguar knows how to nail the ‘smolder,’ the Frog is the nerdy guy on Tinder, and the Monkey is, well, a baby that you’re trying to get to look at the camera in the family photoshoot.

The soundtrack is classy Amazonian whistle tunes, which is excellent. And the setting is Tarzan territory – just the South American version, minus the gorillas.

These kooky characters pair up to create power wins of up to €61,830. And if you want to get close to this, I reckon the Free Spins are your Jungle Gold slot hero.


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Free Spins means two extra reels

To play the Free Spins feature, you’ll need to land 3 or more Scatters on the 1-row field. It seems bizarre, considering there are only 5 places these 3 symbols can go. But I did it, and so can you.

Once you’re in, the 2 reels at the end of the field will activate and become participants of the 1-row madness in this medium volatility slot. And this means you have more room to land those wild wins.

I got 10 Free Spins, and they were fun (to an extent). But I was on the Max Bet and didn’t get that much from it. But hey, maybe it’s not my lucky day. I wouldn’t complain about a 5-digit win… Which, hopefully, you’ll get.


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Are you ready to try out a “slottery”?

I know I didn’t build up this game as one that is oozing with excitement, but it is definitely something different. Something worth seeing. Something worth spinning.

And if it isn’t for you, then at least you can tick a slottery off your list as something you’ve done. And if you don’t get a big win, then you can say you bought yourself the T-shirt.

With a 95.6% RTP, and the right camera angle, you could dominate the 1-row Jungle Gold slot and take home cool cash.