The Telly Reels Slot Brings You the Best Television From the 80’s

Imagine having to get off the couch and walk over to the TV to change the channel or turn up the volume? It sounds bad enough on a normal day but even worse if you’re recovering from a night out. That was life in the 1980’s and thanks to Wazdan we can all get a taste of it in the entertaining retro show, known as the Telly Reels slot.

Stepping into the world of old school television also means Telly Bonus Spins, Mini Telly Bonus, bonus wheel, free spins, gamble feature and the option of buying a ticket straight to the free spins. In other words, the perfect lineup of shows for binge watching!

What do you say we head back to the 80’s and make some money by spinning the reels. But before we can start, give us a second while we walk over to the TV and turn on the right channel?

Find the Right Settings

There are 5 reels and 20 paylines showing on the screen and yeah, it’s not quite the paper thin 55” smart TV you see these days. Don’t be overwhelmed with the amount of buttons and switches but take a minute to familiarize yourself with them and find the right settings that work the best for your style of play.

Things were cheaper in the 80’s which is perhaps the reason for the €56,000 max win but there is definitely a nice chunk of cash waiting to be won here. You’ll have all the tools you need with an above average 96.19% RTP, a 1,400x multiplier and a pretty good €40 bet limit.

It is a medium volatility game, but if you look closely at the buttons, you can actually adjust the volatility levels, which is an awesome extra feature!


Play Now

Never a Dull Moment With Free Spins

Did they even have free spins in the 80’s? Who knows, but you will when you land 3 scatters. By doing so, you will set yourself up with not only 10 of them but also a go at the bonus wheel, with the chance of adding some extra goodies.

Find your favorite and take a shot at it from one of the 13 sections of the wheel.

  • Win Multipliers – There are 6 sections offering between 2x-5x multipliers.
  • Free Spins – You can get an extra 5 or 10 free spins if you land on one of these.
  • Random Wilds – Add up to 5 random wilds to each of your free spins.
  • Infinite Multiplier – How does an infinite multiplier that will increase with each win sound?

We highly recommend staying clear of the section saying “Free Spins” because this won’t give you anything extra whatsoever. Capisce?

Star Filled Telly Bonus Spins

Stars are not only beautiful, they are also your best friends in this game and everytime you land one of them, they will fill a spot in the section on your right. They will be placed according to their position on the reels.

Play Now

When the entire matrix is filled, the Telly Bonus Spin feature is triggered and you can look forward to 10 spins with 5 Sticky Wilds. Winning!

Adjust the Settings for a Bonus

You will also see arrow symbols as you play and they will adjust the sliders on the right. When all 5 sliders are leveled, a nice Mini Telly Bonus of up to 10x will be coming your way!

Go Shopping for Bonus Spins

There is a blue button with a shopping cart on it. This is the door to buying both Telly Bonus Spins and Free Spins. Everything has a price and if you’re willing to pay it, you can go straight to the big bucks!

Old School Gambling Is Different

Before you start spinning, there’s one last feature, the gamble option. You’ve played it many times before but never like this. Pick one of the knobs to turn the channel. If you manage to pick the right one, a cartoon will come on and you’ve just doubled your money. Easy peasy and very old school!

Making the Game Even Better

This slot is very different than most and how great is that! Who knew a TV like this had some many cool features and there are so many different ways of winning, making the game even better.

Turn on the TV and find out what Telly Reels slot has in store for you. Have fun!