Slay your way to bullish wins in Minotaurus slot!

Poor Minotaur didn’t have it easy… a human for a mother, a bull for a father, and nothing sustainable to feed this unnatural creature with. It’s no wonder Minotaur turned into a flesh-eating monster. His very conception was a thing of nightmares.

The only solution was to keep Minotaur in a special labyrinth. His appetite was so insatiable that nobody stood a chance – until brave Theseus slayed him in an epic battle. Minotaur is remembered as a devilish beast to this day and he’s back to test your endurance. Will you be able to slay your way to bullish wins? Let’s enter the Minotaurus slot labyrinth and find out.

Gear up for a battle of the Ancient Greek ages

Before we begin, let’s get familiar with the symbols in Minotaurus slot from Endorphina. Minotaur’s mother is the beautiful Queen of Crete, Pasiphaë and she is a high-paying symbol in this game. His foe was Theseus, the Prince of Athens, and another high-paying symbol.

Minotaur’s labyrinth was a giant maze, and this is another game symbol, and finding his way in and out of the maze, Theseus used a red string, which is present on the reels too along with his helmet and shield. Finally, the last few paying symbols to be aware of are the card deck royals from Jack to Ace.

Minotaurus slot has no Scatter or Bonus symbols, just 1 monstrous Wild – which comes stomping with surprises!


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Beware of the savage respins

We can talk about how devastating and terrifying Minotaur is, but nothing compares to seeing him in action in this 3D slot.

Unleash the beast within this half man, half bull, by landing 1 Wild symbol on your reels. Here, Minotaur will fully stack either reel 2, 3, or 4 in all his gore and glory, and activate ground shaking respins. For each respin, Minotaur will tramp down on the reels looking for wins, with a multiplier in play too. If no wins are made in the first respin, a second respin will be activated and the multiplier will increase. This pattern will continue until a respins win is secured.

Watch as Minotaur’s true colors come out in this ravaging round of respins, because his rage can result in heroic wins!


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Slay the Risk Game

The Risk Game in Minotaurus slot is unlike others we have seen. For every win, you can go head to head with Minotaur himself, and if you come out of the labyrinth victorious then your wins will be doubled and you’ll get another shot to slay this beastly bull. If Minotaur beats you in the Risk Game, then your wins will be lost and the round will end.

To test your endurance and your luck, engage the Risk Game by selecting the red card icon on the left side of your screen.


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Are you ready to unleash the Minotaur best?

Endorphina crafted a riveting slot with this one. The insane graphics married with the piercing sounds of the Minotaur makes for a brilliant gaming experience. Minotaurus slot is a high volatility, 96% RTP game that can reward all beast-slayers with up to €330,000!

For your chance to play a vital role amongst gods and men, make your way through the Minotaur labyrinth and emerge a hero with this fantastically archaic and entertaining slot game.