Summon Wins from Beyond in The Rite Slot

Rites of passage have been cultivated in every culture and civilization on Earth. Some of these rites of passage are more insane than others. The Maasai tribe from Kenya, for instance, requires young men to hunt full-grown lions with nothing more than a pointy stick and a rawhide shield. And then there’s the Native American Trial of Horrors. I’m going to leave that one for you to discover, but it’s batshit crazy!

Luckily, The Rite slot from Mascot doesn’t require you to chop off an appendage to earn the right to grab the €25,000 max win!

But it’s brown!

Mascot isn’t known for producing great-looking slots. That’s not to say the slot provider doesn’t create some impressive slot games. They just aren’t hyperfocused on the appearance of their slots like the Peter & Sons of the world. The Rite slot doesn’t buck that trend.


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The slot features this hazy brown background, a color that is generally avoided by designers. The reels do feature some interesting graphics on the high-value symbols. However, the low-value symbols feature simple numbers in a generic font with uninspiring backgrounds, which really does give the slot a dull appearance. Also, the slot’s logo features a dream catcher, which has absolutely nothing to do with Voodoo or the spooky theme Mascot was going for – it’s a really weird choice!

There are some redeeming features. The skull spin button between two flickering candles is a perfect little detail that really adds to the experience. The Voodoo Rite bonus feature also really taps into that creepy theme with some spooky graphics and over-the-top animations. I just wish that they had pushed that through to the rest of the slot.

Time to pin up some wins

To earn your place in The Rite slot’s winners circle, you must first make it through the trials. Well, not really. You just need to spin the reels just like every other slot. That just doesn’t sound as dramatic.

With that rambling over, let’s start with the basics. The slot offers a wild symbol that will substitute for most other symbols to complete winning combinations. Like every other slot’s wild symbol, it won’t substitute for a free spins or bonus symbol to unlock a bonus feature.


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With the appearance of three or more bonus symbols, you’ll unlock a round of the Voodoo Rite ceremony. Once triggered, each of the seven dolls will be subjected to… let’s say punishment revealing a random cash bonus, multiplier, or 25 free spins once the deed is done. There is also a chance that the ritual will get interrupted, and you’ll be kicked out before getting to all seven dolls.


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If you’re looking to get a round of free spins the old-fashioned way, you’ll need to grab three or more skull scatter symbols. Once you do, you’ll unlock a round of 10 free spins. The free spins feature is pretty standard with no special features. However, you can retrigger the feature, and you also have the chance to grab a Voodoo Rite ceremony bonus while you’re spinning freely.

Is The Rite slot righteous or ridiculous?

Voodoo-themed, taboo-themed, and just-generally-creepy-themed slots have all been done well before. The Rite slot tries to straddle all three of those genres and doesn’t do it very well. The slot’s Voodoo Rite bonus feature very almost redeems it. However, with a tiny 125x max multiplier and fairly average 96.1% RTP rating, this one just never really gets there.

If it’s a voodoo-themed slot you’re looking for, I would suggest you instead try Voodoo Gold from Elk. If you’re just looking for something super-natural-themed, you can also give Xibalba (one of my favorite slot games of all time) or Mayan Ritual a try.