Face a Meteor Shower of Wins in the New Multiplier Odyssey Slot

If you are looking at exotic places to go, nothing tops a trip to outer space and if that is something you would consider or even in the cards, get a feel for it by taking the brand new sci-fi adventure Multiplier Odyssey slot for a spin. Don’t be surprised if you come across an alien or two. You are after all entering their domain.

Relax Gaming will even give you a chance to make the entire travel budget in one lucky spin. That is all it takes if the stars align and the €400,000 max win will be in your account quicker than an alien laser. Coin collectors and free spins will gladly pull their weight and watch you line up one win after another and should you struggle, there is a buy option to get you back on top.

Let’s begin our journey!

Things Can Get Quite Intense

As you will be the one navigating the ship from the cockpit, the 5 reels and 15 paylines will be riding in there with you. Your team consists of 3 space warriors and a friendly alien. The warrior with the beard has the highest value so welcome him with open arms. A wild symbol does come in play and things can get quite intense.


Play Now

The €400,000 max win would make most of us leave our planet for a quick journey like this. Facing a very high volatility and 96.50% RTP is the perfect fuel to drive this rocket, while the 50,000x multiplier will be the destination.

Get Those Coins

You want coin symbols to appear on the reels as each of them will have a multiplier. The coins will show on the first 4 reels and when the collector symbol appears on the last reel, the Coin Collector feature is activated.

This will collect all the coin symbols and add them up for you, leading to a nice little payout.

Free Spins and the Super Multiplier

So how does one go about getting free spins at this altitude? All you need to do is to land 3, 4 or 5 of the spaceship bonus symbol and you will get 7, 8 or 9 free spins.

Play Now

If you take a peak above the reels, you will see 11 multiplier symbols. With every win, the multiplier in line will be added to your win and removed from the list. If you make it all the way through 10 of the multipliers, you will get access to the locked Super Multiplier.

When this kicks in, you will be allowed to spin until you hit a win and the Super Multiplier will be put into effect and take your free spins to the next level. Nice!

These Are the Free Spin Helpers

During your free spins, you can get a little help from time to time and give your multipliers a boost or even get extra spins. Check out the different types up for grabs:

  • Remove the lowest multiplier on the list
  • Increase one of the multipliers by +1
  • Give all active multipliers a +1 boost
  • Get one extra free spins

Skip the Line

Having the option of paying your way to the free spins is great and in this case, it will cost you 70x your stake to get to the bonus round. You should give it some serious thought as it could really pay off.

On a Reel Far, Far Away

Winning makes any slot journey better and if the trip is to another galaxy, the wins should be far greater than normal and it really feels like they are.

The Multiplier Odyssey slot is a lot of fun and when you can win these amounts on a reel far, far away… watch out!