Let the Snakes Do Your Dirty Work in Power of Gods: Medusa Slot

What would the insides of bars and nightclubs look like if people could turn anyone who made eye-contact with you into stone like Medusa? That takes giving someone the evil eye to a whole new level.

Wazdan decided to summon the Gods once again and put the Goddess of slithering dreadlocks on the spot in Power of Gods: Medusa slot. Take the risk of looking her straight in the eyes if you dare, but you should know there are four jackpots in play and other money-making features you simply don’t want to miss.

Keep reading and find out what Ophidiophobia’s public enemy number one has in store for you!

Power of Gods Means Big Wins

We have already seen three other releases from Wazdan under the Power of Gods umbrella. Egypt, Hades and The Pantheon have all paid out big wins to BitStarz players over the years. Medusa was tossed to the curb once before by her fellow Gods but this game could be her redemption.

She’s not alone on the 5 reels and 10 paylines as there are a lot of familiar faces within her supporting cast, including the mighty Zeus. You can manually change both speed and volatility with ease, adding a sense of freedom to players.

There’s also the gamble option where you have a 50/50 shot at doubling your winnings after each and every win. Yes, there’s a risk of losing it but it is also the quickest way of doubling it. Options are always great!

Whether you prefer playing it safe or go all in doesn’t matter, anything goes when you’re up against Medusa and her slithering curls. After all, it’s all about winning!


Play Now

You will be fighting for a €100,000 max win and with a pretty decent 96.18% RTP, you have a good shot at getting your hands on it. We have already mentioned how you can adjust the volatility to your liking and with a €40 bet limit and 2,500x multiplier, you are all set.

Sticky Bonus Symbol – A Real Difference Maker

You want to land as many bonus symbols as possible since 6 or more of them will get you to the bonus round, where the big bucks are made. We will cover this in the next section but there are sticky versions of the bonus symbols that can be real difference makers.

Known as the Sticky Bonus symbol, it comes with a number. This number shows you how long it plans to stick around and can stay put for up to 9 spins. We really enjoy this feature and one or more of them can be the difference between getting into the bonus round or not.

Enter the Hold the Jackpot Bonus Round

Round up the 6 bonus symbols needed and get to the bonus round as fast as possible because this is where you want to be.

You will begin with 3 spins but as soon as you land another symbol, the count will reset. Each of those symbols have a value attached, ranging from 1-15x your bet. The point is that after it’s all said and done and you are out of spins, all values will be added up into a nice juicy payout.

Get the Snakes Involved

Medusa wouldn’t let you have all the fun so she will appear as a special symbol. When she comes, her snakes will grab the values from all the other symbols and turn it into one big one to help you out.

Play Now

Considering the Medusa money will be included in the final payout, don’t shut her out when she comes to join the party.

How to Win a Jackpot

You will have a shot at as many as four jackpots, making things even more interesting. The Mini (20x), Minor (50x) and Major (150x) can appear as symbols during your bonus round and will then be included in the final payout.

Any jackpot will of course do but the only way to get your hands on the Grand Jackpot (2,000x) is by filling all 15 positions of the grid. Get the job done and the big kahuna will be all yours. Cha-ching!

Use the Buy Feature

If you look at the bottom of your screen, you’ll find a shopping cart. Click on it and you will be looking at three options.

The prize varies depending on the volatility you choose but considering it’s a VIP entry to the bonus round and the alluring jackpot, don’t knock it till you try it!

Does This Slot Deliver the Power of the Gods?

Medusa has been the face of a lot of games over the years. Medusa: The Curse of Athena, Medusa: The Quest of Perseus and Story of Medusa are a few of them.

Much thanks to the Hold the jackpot bonus feature, the Power of Gods: Medusa slot can hold its own against any of them. It’s a good-looking game, we especially enjoyed the snakes taking the cash value from other symbols.

With the adjustable volatility and speed option, the ability to double your winnings or buy your way into the bonus round, the game is definitely worth a few spins. Give it a go and let us know what you think!