Cross the River Styx and Discover Wins in Realm of Hades Slot

Hades had a raw deal. After helping his brothers overthrow his father and the rest of the Titans, Zeus the douche condemned him to the underworld to ensure that the dead never made their way back to the land of the living. It’s no wonder the guy was a little cranky!

Pay the boatman to cross the River Styx and take a shot at scoring unholy wins in Realm of Hades slot from High 5.

Hades, you must give me the name of your decorator

When you’re the king of the underworld, you have certain standards to maintain. You can’t just decorate the underworld yourself. And if the illustration is anything to go by, Hades didn’t skimp when hiring hell’s decorator.


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Realm of Hades slot is beautifully illustrated. The monotone foreground that makes up the reels themselves stands in stark contrast to the vibrant background. At the summit of the slot is Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guards the gates of hell. With each win, an unholy light illuminates each of the beast’s heads as they burst into life.

Once you’ve made it past the king of the underworld’s guard dog, you’ll be greeted by Hades himself. Looming large as he rules from a giant stone thrown. The slot perfectly encapsulates the awe one would experience coming face to face with the keeper of the dead.

Wins tumble from the heavens

When you’re a god, making it rain wins really isn’t that difficult. However, if you, a mere mortal, want the wins to rain down, you’ll need to pay tribute to the king of the underworld.

During base game play, winning is simple. If an amount appears on the reels, you’ll win that amount. You don’t need to match symbols or worry about paylines. Any amount that appears is your gift from the gods.


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If you manage to grab three or more winning amounts on a single spin, you’ll gain an audience with the king himself for a round of Racking Up Riches. During your time with Hades, winning amounts will fall from the sky, forming stacks of wins. You’ll keep winning until two tumbles don’t include a single winning amount.

Is Realm of Hades slot fit for the gods?

The king of the underworld has finally got something that his brothers can’t take away from him, a great slot! Realm of Hades slot is as beautiful as it is simple. There are no complicated bonus features, paylines, or ways to win. It’s everything we love in a slot game concentrated into a single package.

Although the slot does suffer from high volatility, with a 96% RTP rating and a €382,000 jackpot, it’s well worth a try.

If you’re not quite ready to return to the land of the living, why not try out some of the other Hades-themed video slots. We recommend you give Hades, Hades: River of Souls, and Power of Gods: Hades a try.