Fat Frankies Slot is Serving Up Fast Food and Fast Wins!

The new Fat Frankies slot is so American it may as well have Seth MacFarlane as both the face and the voice-over. Why? Because he is basically a character that walked right out of Family Guy and onto your slot screen.

The introduction is a whole animated video, and the story is about a passionate man that cooks up America’s most-wanted pleasures for big wins of up to €240,000.

Hey, I am not complaining – I love America, Family Guy, and hot dogs. And after a few sessions with this slot, Fat Frankies is my new fave dude! I’m rooting for him and his food truck.

A great animation for the nation

Play’n GO deserves a FAT shoutout for the excellent execution of their new slot. Fat Frankie kept me totally engaged the whole time… Talking to me, talking to himself, expressing sweaty and greasy emotions, and all.

The brilliance that is the animation of this slot makes it stand out from most other video slots. They have taken the term ‘video slot’ to another level, and it’s super cool. But this could be to mask the lack of action in the game until the bonus rounds hit.

Either way, there’s more effort, familiarity, and fun in Fat Frankies slot than expected. It exceeds my expectations, and those things are high as hell.


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Grub’s up and so are big juicy bonuses

Fat Frankie is a hard-working fella, there’s no doubt about that. It’s blood, sweat, and tears in his mobile kitchen – but he is blessed with the gift of the gab and he’s such a likable guy.

All he wants is to put his truck on the map and earn raving reviews, orders, and tips from his customers… But that only comes when the bonus comes. And when the bonus comes, so does random rock music.

Once you’ve hit 3 Bonus Food Truck symbols on the reels, you’ll spin to find out which one of four features you’ll be playing for that french-fry fortune.


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Burger Bonanza, Flip the Tip, Greasy Wilds, or Five Star Free Spins?

With the constant company of Frankie during the base game, you don’t realize how things heat up when it’s bonus time – and it’s a total blast!

If your bonus spin lands on the Tips Jar, this means you’ll be playing the Flip the Tip feature. This is all about flipping coins into Frankie’s tip jar, where for every coin landed, multipliers increase. Fun, fun, fun.

Landing on the Oil Tub will welcome Greasy Wilds and Frankie will come say hey and spill oil all over the reels for wild wins.


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The Burger Promo selection will shoot you into the Burger Bonanza feature where burgers will stick to the reels and award re-spins while racking up prize money, and create cravings for a bite of Frankie’s saucy burgers.

If the Best Food Truck Star is meant for you, then you’re in for a free spins frenzy where you’ll need to collect Stars to increase the win multiplier.

Whichever feature you get, you’re in for a good time and a good win… But if you’re competitive like me, you’ll try to experience them all at least once to see which is the best! For me it’s the Five Star Free Spins.


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Fat Frankie is ready to cook up a storm of wins!

Fat Frankies slot is a hoot, and it’s just one of those slots you have to see for yourself. No amount of descriptive words from me will cut it.

It has a high volatility, 96.2% RTP, and four flavorsome features to tuck into. It’s something different to dabble with, and I can vouch that Frankie will have you LOLing all the way through. Unless you’re a grouch.