Kiki with the ETs in Cosmic Cash Slot!

I just finished Season 4 of Stranger Things (like the rest of the human race). The takeaway… I cannot listen to another Kate Bush song for the rest of my existence.

The Duffer Brothers weren’t keen to kill off any main characters, so they killed ‘Running Up That Hill’ for us all instead. Also, it was a bloody scary season. I wasn’t prepared.

I read that even Millie Bobby Brown cried when she saw Vecna in costume for the first time. Needless to say, playing a Sci-Fi slot wasn’t ideal during this traumatic time.

But I was surprised by the new Cosmic Cash slot. These creatures come in peace, unlike the Demogorgon, and they aren’t here to flay us. They’re here to pay us! Oh yeah.

Is that a peace sign?

I wonder if the alien in this Pragmatic Play release actually comes in peace or if he only has two fingers. I’ve never had the chance to kiki with aliens, so I’ve never high-fived one… To realize I’m only high-twoing one.

Regardless, he can’t do harm – especially not when he’s holding a maximum win of €371,000 for us to play for. The mutant pup is pretty adorable too. And so is the one-eyed octopus. It’s an inclusive society up there. Cool!

If it is all peace and love, why is the pink-haired pleb from earth holding a zapper gun? Probably to protect her new home. She’s likely got Stockholm Syndrome. We’ll never know. At least she’s using protection.


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Scatter around space for free spins

Apart from the captivating story infolding in this high volatility slot, the features are equally entrancing. And that’s on the provider. No, we haven’t been probed by extraterrestrials. They did not abduct us. We are not actually in a trance – don’t worry.

First up, the Free Spins. Landing 3 or more Cosmic Cash Scatters on the reels will take you to the Free Spins feature, where Wilds expand, and up to 50 free games are available.

If you’re on a space roll, you also have the chance of retriggering the feature, zapping the Free Spins for all they’re worth.


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Cosmic respins and Jupiter jackpots are next

It’s no secret that Coin Respins are my favorite slot game feature, so naturally, I had a blast here. And the respins in Cosmic Cash slot are on steroids, or whatever the stimulant is called in space. Staroids?

Hitting 6 or more Money Symbols will activate the Cosmic Respins feature, which is amped up with prizes in the forms of Multipliers, Free Spins, Instant Money, and Jackpot wins.

For every row you successfully fill with coins, that row’s prize will be awarded to you, as will all the coin values you accumulate. As for the jackpot, there are 4 to strike. The Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand. And boy, the Grand is grand!


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Are you ready to race to space?

I haven’t yet covered everything there is to know about this 96.55% RTP slot. Yes, it’s set in space… But did you know they also like to do the Can-Can up there? Wait until you’re awarded a big win – Mars’ version of Moulin Rouge starts playing.

There’s so much to see, so much to experience, and so much to win in Cosmic Cash slot. You’ll forget all about Stranger Things and the fact that we have to wait another year for the next season to come out.