Find Horror or Scary Wins Behind Each Door in Haunted Hospital

This might as well have come straight from the darkest Stephen King pages and we dare you to turn the lights off and play this game alone at night! If you are a super fan of horror movies like Saw and Halloween, you are in for a treat when you make the conscious decision to load and play the very creepy Haunted Hospital slot. This is one of the scariest slots we have played and if you don’t want to be a baby and cover your eyes while you play, we highly recommend at least turning off the sound for a much more relaxed experience.

On the other hand, if you are looking to put all of your nerves on full alert, then by all means crank up the volume! Perhaps a straightjacket could be the final piece before the ultimate spin session begins.

Hospital Cupboard of Goodies

The movie set ready rooms in this hospital contain a 3×3 reel with 27 paylines. Wazdan must have really been in a dark place when coming up with this idea but then again, we are not exactly the demographics for it. Deranged doctors, zombie cleaning ladies, nurses, surgical instruments and various glass jars filled with brains and eyeballs may sound like a dream for a lot of people. Not for us.


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Psycho Free Spins

Even asylums have free spins these days. That’s actually good to know in case we ever end up in one. You will need 3 of the psychiatric patient scatter symbols to land and 9 free spins will be your savior. Or will they? Just a heads up so you don’t have an accident, scary things may peek around the corner when you win.


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Life or Death

Thank god you can still double your wins, even in these surroundings. The option is there after each win and we felt this would be a quiet game of red and black. Man, were we mistaken! Instead, in a unique feature, this game is like being on your deathbed having to pick between 2 doors. In one there is the nurse that can save you, while the other is the only thing between you and the cousin of the guy in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. We would suggest to think twice before making your pick.


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Scary Big Payouts

A slot like this doesn’t come around often. It actually gives you a unique and refreshing perspective on your own living conditions and we must say we will never complain again. This is one scary slot but we must give credit to Wazdan for the creativity behind it and although the theme isn’t at the top of our favorites we have to recommend it for you freak geeks out there. The action is non stop and the wins are fittingly scary big!